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Subject: [Fwd: CD 01 specs uploaded to docs.oasis-open.org]

We now have the BPEL spec available on docs.oasis-open.org

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What I thought were several iterations of files were apparently multiple copies of the same CD01 specifications. My sincere apologies that these have taken so long to upload. I did have to make a few changes both the assembly and bpel specs to make sure the URIs were right and that the hypertext behind them went to the right place. Please double-check and make sure everything is worked as expected.





To ensure that these types of requests no longer slip so far down they can never be recovered, I have added an SLA of 15 business days.







Mary P McRae

Manager of TC Administration, OASIS

email: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org 

web: www.oasis-open.org

phone: 603.232.9090


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