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Subject: Formated minutes of 2008-07-24 telcon

Thanks to Danny for scribing.

Title: SCA-BPEL - 2008-07-24




24 JUL 2008


Mike Rowley, (Active Endpoints, Inc.)
David Booz, (IBM)
Mike Edwards, (IBM)
Dieter Koenig, (IBM)
Martin Chapman (Oracle Corporation)
Khanderao Kand, (Oracle Corporation)
Anish Karmarkar, (Oracle Corporation)
Ashok Malhotra, (Oracle Corporation)
Najeeb Andrabi, (TIBCO Software Inc.)
Danny van der Rijn, (TIBCO Software Inc.)
Anish Karmarkar
Danny van der Rijn


[1]  Agenda bashing
[2]  Approval of July 10 minutes
[3]  Action Item followup
[4]  AI #0042
[5]  AI #0043
[6]  AI #0044
[7]  Schedule of next calls
[8]  Leaves of absence
[9]  Status of Spec
[10]  Issue 18
Table of Resolutions
Table of Action Items

Action Items

2008-07-24-1: chairs to cancel all august calls



Scribe: Danny van der Rijn

Agenda bashing

Add to agenda - Higher bar for new issues - under AOB
Agenda approved with one addition

Approval of July 10 minutes

Resolution: July 10 minutes located at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200807/msg00020.html approved unanimously

Action Item followup

AI #21 Still working with Mary to get CD01 posted. Working through details

AI #0042

Michael Rowley:
Put down the pen, who picks it up?

AI #0043

status complete

AI #0044

Dieter has completed the AI with a new upload before Michael Rowley's last upload

Schedule of next calls

<Mike Edwards>
I'm currently available for all dates in August
<Mike Edwards>
time to give ourselves a vacation
<Michael Rowley>
Moves that the TC takes August off. Dieter seconds
Resolution: All August calls are cancelled (motion passes unanimously)
Action: chairs to cancel all august calls

Leaves of absence

See forwarded email about leaves of absence - must inform chairs 7 days in advance, etc.

Status of Spec

<Michael Rowley>
Editing work item list is here:
<Michael Rowley>
Revision #9 - Michael Rowley mentioned in mail that some of his 2.1 editing got lost, reinserted.
TC has not approved yet, so resolution should be folded in without RFC 2119 language
Michael Rowley:
Revision 9 includes proposal for what 2119 language would look like in section 2.1. Could remove, or could approve.
Martin is to fold in two and twenty issues

Issue 18

<Mike Edwards>
Here is an aexample from Policy TC:
<Mike Edwards>
[Discussion of process of creating documents]
<Mike Edwards>
in Rev 9, which lines do we look at?
<Mike Edwards>
I dont know which lines to lok at...
small typo (repeated a few times) "If a partnerLink specifies has..." (pick either 'specifies' or 'has')
<Mike Edwards>
I agree Danny - that occurs more than once
Michael Rowley:
Strike the word 'has'
<Mike Edwards>
I can't see "Rev5" in the document web page
<Mike Edwards>
I can see "Rev9"
<Mike Edwards>
It might be easier to state that what is described is the introspected componentType
<Mike Edwards>
leaving out the question of how it is actually created
resolution of conformance target: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-15
<Mike Edwards>
componenttype is virtual but it is also testable
<Mike Edwards>
this is equally true for the introspected component type of any implementation type - including Java
Michael Rowley moves that Revision 9, section 2.1 be accepted as the resolution of issue 18 for all of section 2.1
Danny seconds
<Mike Edwards>
I object as I have not had an opportunity to read it all and I can see several errors already
Someone is typing too close to their microphone
in other places, we iron out wordsmithing details before we make motions
Motion is allowed. We've had a lot of time to review. Michael made motion to focus issues. Running out of time, so it may be a moot point
Mike Edwards:
would vote against - text is not ready
Michael Rowley:
Beyond the extra 'has', what other errors?
Mike Edwards:
Wrong namespace for attributes
I think the namespace is correct
<Mike Edwards>
I think my line just dropped - sorry
<Mike Edwards>
do we have time for me to redial?
No, Mike, we're finishing
<Mike Edwards>
ok, sorry about that
<Mike Edwards>
I will read the whole section and put comments to the list
Between now and next call, look at revision 5 (will send email to point) and urge everyone to send in comments before call, so we can have a focused discussion next week. Hoping to get resolved next week.
Meeting adjourned
<Mike Edwards>
Rev5 and NOT Rev9, right?
Correct, Mike. Rev 5. Anish will send mail.
<Mike Edwards>

[End of Minutes]
Formatted on 2008-07-25 at 14:23:23 GMT-7

Minutes formatted by Schreiber, a collection of XSLT stylesheets by Bob Freund modeled after David Booth's scribe

Schreiber diagnostics output

[Delete this section before publishing the minutes]

statistics: Schreiber found 88 input lines

edits: Schreiber found the following text-edit commands:

edits: Line 44: Danny van der Rijn: s/uploda/upload/

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command-scribe: Schreiber detected that this section was scribed online

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