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Subject: Issue 18 proposal and next week's call

As promised on this week's I'm sending this email.

Issue 18 proposal from Michael is located at:
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200806/doc00001.doc and 
was sent in the email at 

This is the proposal that is called revision 5, but should be really 
called sca-bpel-1.1-spec-cd01-18proposal.doc (or something like that).

Homework: please read this proposal and send 
feedback/opinions/changes/alternate proposals by email before next 
week's call.

We only have one issue to discuss next week and that is issue 18. This 
issue along with Michael's proposal (and other proposals, if any) will 
be included in the agenda for next week.

After next week's call we'll go into aestivation for all of august. It 
would be nice if we could resolve issue 18 as it applies to section 2.1. 
If we resolve it for 2.1, we can then assign an AI to the editors to 
take that forward to the other sections.



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