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Subject: Getting ready for PRD

Few things we need to agree on for PRD:

1) Following SCA Policy's lead, I would like to solicit 
ideas/suggestions for compiling a list of external stakeholders so that 
OASIS knows whom to inform as part of initiating and publishing the 
public review of the SCA BPEL spec. (Note that the BPEL TC has closed, 
so they can't be in the list of external stakeholders.

2) Duration of the public review: OASIS process requires the 1st PR to 
be minimum of 60 days. I would like to suggest that we stick with the 

3) Do we need any change to the namespaces that we use?
a) http://docs.oasis-open.org/ns/opencsa/sca/200712
b) http://docs.oasis-open.org/ns/opencsa/sca-bpel/200801
OR do we want to continue to use the same namespace as CD01?

4) How to deal with issues raised during the PR period either by TC 
members or non-TC members?
Per the process, the TC must acknowledge the receipt of each comment, 
track the comments received, and publish to its primary e-mail list the 
disposition of each comment at the end of the review period.

I would like to suggest that we follow SCA Policy TC's lead. Which is to 
  create a new component/subcomponent in JIRA for PR comments. All new 
issues raised, after we agree on the PRD, either by non-members or 
members (on the TC list or the PR feedback list) be logged as new issues 
in the new component/subcomponent.

5) What should be in the PR package?
a) CD02/PRD with no change mark: html, pdf and word
b) CD02/PRD with change marks from CD01: do we need all three formats or 
pdf is sufficient?
c) Two schema files
d) RDDL document for the 'sca-bpel' namespace

6) We'll have to coordinate with the Assembly TC for appropriate RDDL 
updates for the 'sca' namespace.

Did I miss anything?



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