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Subject: Re: [sca-bpel] ISSUE 42: SBPEL3004 has an incorrect 'MAY'.

On today's call, Mike Edwards proposed:

Replace the text of SBPEL3004 with: "To represent an SCA multi-valued reference a WS-BPEL process MUST use a variable which is declared with a sca-bpel:multiReference extension element."

I had some concerns with the statement that were at least echoed by Sanjay.  I was thinking that we lift the style of the text from SCA-BPEL 2001/2:

[SBPEL2001] If a partner link specifies a sca-bpel:service attribute, then a service MUST be generated for the introspected component type. [SBPEL2002] The name of the service MUST be the value of the sca-bpel:service attribute.

As I was looking at what replacement text I might use for 3004 or Mike Edwards statement, what I came across was actually the next sentences, SBPEL 3005/6:
When a variable declaration contains the sca-bpel:multiReference extension, the type of the variable MUST be an element of sca-bpel:serviceReferenceList.
[SBPEL3006] The introspected component type MUST include a reference with a multiplicity of either "0..n" or "1..n" that corresponds to a variable with the sca-bpel:multiReference element.


I propose that we simply delete SBPEL 3004.

Furthermore, I think there are some issues lurking elsewhere in this paragraph:

- Since partnerLinkTypes aren't QNames, do we have to insist that the partnerLinkType attribute of the sca-bpel:multiReference resolve to a partnerLinkType declared in the same scope?
- Since we want the componentType derivation to be deterministic, how do we determine whether it's 0..n or 1..n?
- What does . [SBPEL3007] "The type of the reference MUST be determined by the partner link type and the partner role attributes of the sca-bpel:multiReference extension element." mean?
- Does 3006 as above need to be tightened up to say that it's actually not "a reference" but "THE reference pointed to by the partnerLinkType attribute"?

Michael Rowley wrote:
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From: Najeeb Andrabi [mailto:nandrabi@tibco.com]
Sent: Friday, May 08, 2009 2:06 PM
To: sca-bpel@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [sca-bpel] NEW ISSUE: SBPEL3004 has an incorrect 'MAY'.


Title: SBPEL3004 has an incorrect 'MAY'.

Target: SCA BPEL C&I PR 01

SBPEL3004 states the following:
"In a WS-BPEL process definition, a variable MAY include an sca-bpel:multiReference extension element that declares that the variable represents a multi-valued reference."

'MAY' implies that some runtimes may choose not to implement multi-valued reference using sca:bpel:multiReference extension element. We want that the implementation of multi-valued reference using sca-bpel:multiReference extension element be portable across different runtimes.



Replace with --
"In a WS-BPEL process definition, a variable can include an sca-bpel:multiReference extension element that declares that the variable represents a multi-valued reference."




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