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Subject: A New SCA Testing TC?

If you have been following the Assembly Testing work, you know that the 
Assembly Test Cases are written in Java.
Mike is now preparing a BPEL version.

Clearly, the Java test cases test the Java C&I to some extent and Bryan 
has raised an issue that asks whether the Assembly and Java tests should 
be more cleanly separated, but there are complications.  The Assembly 
tests need some C&I to test and some duplication cannot be prevented.  
Also, if the Assembly tests and the language tests were separated, then 
who adjudicate differences of opinion and duplication?  Further, if the 
Assembly tests were shorn of any language C&I, someone could come along, 
pass only the Assembly, Policy and Bindings tests and claim SCA compliance.

So, I'm suggesting we consider forming a new TC that would be 
responsible for all SCA Testing.
Before you go "Aaargh!  Not another TC!", please consider the advantages:

1. Bryan's issue would be closed as there would be only a single TC and 
it would write and manage all the tests, some
of which would, of course, cover Assembly and one or more language 
C&Is.   In fact, thinking about it, many of the tests
would cover some Assembly features, some Policy, a binding and some C&I.

2.. If all the tests were in a single TC there would be no need for 
someone else to settle disputes.

3. If an outside party were to come and claim SCA compliance, the 
Testing TC would have the authority to vet their
tests and say 'yay' or 'nay'.  Or to enforce which tests they should run.

What do people think?
All the best, Ashok

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