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Subject: NEW ISSUE: CT generation (section 2.1.1) does not take into considerationthe multRefFrom attribute

Title: CT generation (section 2.1.1) does not take into consideration 
the multRefFrom attribute

Target: BPEL C&I spec

If a partnerLink does not contain a sca-bpel:reference or a 
sca-bpel:service attribute, the algorithm in section 2.1.1 Generating 
Services and References requires doing a static analysis (SBPEL2005) to 
figure out if the PL should be mapped to a sca reference or a service. 
It does not give any consideration to the sca-bpel:multiRefFrom 
attribute that may be present on the PL.

A PL with such a attribute should be mapped to an SCA reference and 
never to a SCA service.


Add two new requirement (after SBPEL2004):
[SBPEL2004.1] If a partner link specifies a sca-bpel:multiRefFrom 
attribute, then a reference MUST be generated for the introspected 
component type. [SBPEL2004.2] If the name of the partner link is unique 
within the process, then it MUST be used as the name of the reference. 
Otherwise, the name is determined according to the rules of section 2.3.

Modify SBPEL2005 as follows:
s/If neither sca-bpel:service nor sca-bpel:reference is present/If none 
of the attributes: sca-bpel:service, sca-bpel:reference or 
sca-bpel:multiRefFrom is present/

Modify SBPEL2007 to include the two new requirements.


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