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Subject: [sca-bpel] Raw Chat from July 16 Telcon

Sanjay: Agenda:
1. Roll Call
2. Appointment of scribe
Scribe list attached below
3. Agenda bashing
4. Approval of Jul 09, 2009 minutes
5. Action Items review
#0095 Anish - create wording to resolve issue BPEL-42
#0096 Anish - to ask Danny for a proposal on issue 41
#0097 Anish - create wording to resolve BPEL-47
#0098 MikeE - create proposal for issue BPEL-48
#0099 Anish - find volunteer to look at issue 49
6. New Issues
a) Issue 52
CT generation (section 2.1.1) does not take into consideration the multRefFrom attribute
7. Issue Discussion
a) Issue 42
SBPEL3004 has an incorrect 'MAY'
Email discussion --
Proposal -- http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200907/msg00015.html
b) Issue 47
Section 2.1.2 (initializePartnerRole) needs an example
Proposal -- http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200907/msg00018.html
c) Issue 48
BPEL C&I spec does not say anything about component type side files
Proposal -- http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200907/msg00009.html
d) Issue 49
BPEL process QName is assumed to be unique
e) Issue 41
SBPEL2022 has an incorrect 'MAY' and is not applied recursively
Email discussion -
f) Issue 46
SBPEL3006 isn't deterministic
8. AOB
Scribe list:
* Kand, Khanderao (Last scribed: 10/09/0: 5
* Booz, Dave (10/30/08, 3/5/09): 2
* van der Rijn, Danny (Last scribe: 5/7/9): 10
* Andrabi, Mr. Najeeb (Last scribed: 2009-05-21): 9
* Rowley, Mr Michael (Last scribed: 2009-05-2: 6
* Chapman, Dr Martin (Last scribed: 6/11/09): 8
* Koenig, Mr Dieter (Last scribed: 6/25/09): 11 
* Malhotra, Mr Ashok (Last scribed: 2009-07-09): 11
anonymous morphed into anish
anish: Date: 2009-07-16
anish: Chair: Sanjay Patil
anish: Scribe: Najeeb Andrabi
anish: ScribeNick: Najeeb Andrabi
Najeeb Andrabi: Agenda approved
Najeeb Andrabi: Minutes for Jul 9th call approved.
Najeeb Andrabi: AI#0095 done
Najeeb Andrabi: #0096 is still pending; needs volunteers.
Najeeb Andrabi: Anish to come up with text for issue #41; same AI #0096
Najeeb Andrabi: AI #0097 and #0098 done.
Najeeb Andrabi: AI #0099 still pending
Najeeb Andrabi: Dieter to own AI #0099.
Najeeb Andrabi: Issue 52 discussion.
Najeeb Andrabi: Anish moves to open issue 52.
Najeeb Andrabi: Khanderao seconds
Najeeb Andrabi: Motion is carried unanimously.
Najeeb Andrabi: Issue 42 discussion
anish: "In order to have an SCA multi-valued reference in a WS-BPEL process, a partnerLink that uses the sca-bpel:multiRefFrom extension attribute is declared in the process. The value of this attribute points to a variable declaration in the process that contains the sca-bpel:multiReference extension element. The multiplicity of the SCA reference that corresponds to such a partnerLink depends on the value of the multiplicity attribute of the sca-bpel:multiReference element in the variable declaration."
Najeeb Andrabi: Anish moves to resolve issue #42 by removing the conformance tag SBPEL-3004 with the text pasted in chat.
Najeeb Andrabi: Khanderao seconds.
Najeeb Andrabi: Motion is passed unanimously.
Najeeb Andrabi: Issue #47 discussion.
anish: One way this can be achieved is by specifying a callback binding that includes endpoint information, on a bidirectional SCA service of a component. For example:
<service name="inventory">
  <interface.wsdl interface="..." callbackInterface="..."/>
    <binding.jms uri="jms:inventoryQueue?connectionFactory=inventoryQCF&deliverMode=1&" />
anish: s/1&/1/
anish: proposal email: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200907/msg00018.html
Najeeb Andrabi: Anish moves to resolve issue #47 with the text in message 0018 with change to remove trailing &.
Najeeb Andrabi: Dieter seconds.
Najeeb Andrabi: Mike Edwards: JMS configurations looks invalid; it must have a destination field.
Najeeb Andrabi: Anish: makes sense to define binding type on callback.
Najeeb Andrabi: Anish moves to table to motion
Najeeb Andrabi: the
Najeeb Andrabi: Mike Edwards seconds.
Najeeb Andrabi: Issue #48 discussion.
Mike Edwards: sca-bpel-1.1-spec-cd02+Issue48.doc
anish: s/an an/as an/ in the proposal
Najeeb Andrabi: Mike Edwards moves to resolve Issue #48 with the proposal in sca-bpel-1.1-spec-cd02+Issue48.doc.
Najeeb Andrabi: Danny seconds.
Najeeb Andrabi: Motion passed unanimously.
Najeeb Andrabi: Issue #48 resolved.
Najeeb Andrabi: AI for Anish to come up with refined text for issue #41.


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