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Subject: [sca-bpel] Raw minutes from 08-OCT-2009

Room information was updated by: Sanjay
Meeting ID: 6100473
Meeting password: SCABPEL (7222735)
Sanjay: 1. Roll Call 
2. Appointment of scribe 
Scribe list attached below 
3. Agenda bashing 
4. Approval of minutes 
a) 2009-09-24 minutes 
b) 2009-10-01 minutes 
6. New Issues 
7. Testing 
a) Resume Mikes presentation of the testing work in the Assembly TC 
Presentation material here: 
Mike to provide a walk end-to-end walk through of a BPEL test 
b) Identify testing related work areas for SCA BPEL TC enlist volunteers 
8. Issue Discussion 
a) Issue 46 - SBPEL3006 isn't deterministic 
no proposal -- need a volunteer 
b) Issue 56 - No scoping rules specified to resolve variable name referred by sca-bpel:multiRefForm extension for the partner link 
Proposal in Jira 
c) Issue 57 - No initialization mechanism specified for the variable with sca-bpel:multiReferen 
No proposal -- need a volunteer 
d) Issue 58 - Need to add Capability to indicate that a PartnerLink should be ignored when introspecting the ComponentType of a BPEL process 
Email discussion: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200909/msg00016.html 
Need an inlined proposal 
e) Issue 59 - How does a SCA Extended WS-BPEL Runtime deal with a non-conformant BPEL process? 
Outline of a proposal in Jira 
f) Issue 50 - Need more examples in the specification 
no proposal (deferred) 
9. AOB
Najeeb Andrabi: Agenda approved
Najeeb Andrabi: 2009-09-24 minutes approved
Najeeb Andrabi: 2009-10-01 minutes approved
Najeeb Andrabi: No new issues
Sanjay: https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/I805361
Najeeb Andrabi: Testing discussion; Mike Edwards to present end-to-end walk through of a BPEL test.
Mike Edwards: Tuscanyt:
Mike Edwards: http://tuscany.apache.org/tuscany-downloads-documentations.html
Mike Edwards: Source download:
Mike Edwards: https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/tuscany/java/sca/
Najeeb Andrabi: Mike Edwards to send instructions about accessing assembly test cases.


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