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Subject: Formatted minutes of 2009-10-15 telcon


Title: SCA-BPEL - 2009-10-15




15 OCT 2009


Mike Edwards, (IBM)
Dieter Koenig, (IBM)
Martin Chapman, (Oracle Corporation)
Anish Karmarkar, (Oracle Corporation)
Sanjay Patil, (SAP AG)
Najeeb Andrabi, (TIBCO Software Inc.)
Danny van der Rijn, (TIBCO Software Inc.)
Anish Karmarkar and Sanjay Patil
Anish Karmarkar


[1]  agenda bashing
[2]  Approval of minutes
[3]  AI review
[4]  Impact of removal of Constraining Type by SCA-Assembly
[5]  testing
Table of Resolutions
Table of Action Items

Action Items

2009-10-15-1: dieter to file an issue about constraining type



Agenda --
1. Roll Call
2. Appointment of scribe
Scribe list attached below
3. Agenda bashing
4. Approval of 2009-10-08 minutes
5. Review of Action Items
AI #0109 Mike Edwards - Send instructions for accessing Assembly Test Artifacts
6. New Issues
7. Impact of removal of Constraining Type by SCA-Assembly
Doesn't seem to impact our spec
8. Testing
a) Scan through the SCA Assembly tests to identify which of the SCA BPEL tests are already covered
Presentation material here:
Tuscany download:http://tuscany.apache.org/tuscany-downloads-documentations.html
Source: https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/tuscany/java/sca/
b) Identify testing related work areas for SCA BPEL TC enlist volunteers
9. Issue Discussion
a) Issue 46 - SBPEL3006 isn't deterministic
no proposal -- need a volunteer
b) Issue 56 - No scoping rules specified to resolve variable name referred by sca-bpel:multiRefForm extension for the partner link
Proposal in Jira
c) Issue 57 - No initialization mechanism specified for the variable with sca-bpel:multiReferen
No proposal -- need a volunteer
d) Issue 58 - Need to add Capability to indicate that a PartnerLink should be ignored when introspecting the ComponentType of a BPEL process
Email discussion: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200909/msg00016.html
Need an inlined proposal
e) Issue 59 - How does a SCA Extended WS-BPEL Runtime deal with a non-conformant BPEL process?
Outline of a proposal in Jira
f) Issue 50 - Need more examples in the specification
no proposal (deferred)
10. AOB
I hear a cat
Larry gives you a cat when you come on board

Scribe: Anish Karmarkar

agenda bashing

agenda approved w/o

Approval of minutes

Resolution: minutes of 2009-10-08 located at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200910/msg00011.html approved

AI review

AI #0109 Mike Edwards - Send instructions for accessing Assembly Test Artifacts

Impact of removal of Constraining Type by SCA-Assembly

assembly removed constraining type. don't think there is any impact
there is only one mention in the abstract on page 2
Martin C almost proves that constraining type is a design time figment of someones imagination
Action: dieter to file an issue about constraining type


we need to get a detailed understanding of what needs to be done
... Mike has already walked through lot of details in the last 3 calls
... we still need to do a end-to-end look at a test
... we also need to look at the the bpel tests in assembly and see what is the remaining delta
not set up to do the end-to-end for bpel right now
... I can take us through what tests are present for BPEL
... wondering whether the rest of the TC thinks this is useful
<Mike Edwards>
Let's look at the Assembly structure that relates to BPEL implementations
<Mike Edwards>
one thing is to figure out how much testing work is remaining for us
<Mike Edwards>
Select the sca-assembly link
<Mike Edwards>
Select the TestCases link
ASM* contains tests that result in errors
The General_* contain tests that do not result in errors
<Mike Edwards>
Select General_BPEL contribution
<Mike Edwards>
Select src -> main -> resources
go to http://tools.oasis-open.org/version-control/browse/wsvn/sca-assembly/TestCases/General_BPEL/src/main/resources/#_TestCases_General_BPEL_src_main_resources_
can those who are not speaking please mute their phones?
this contains set of BPEL processes and composites that use the BPEL processes
contain bpel processes that have services, references, properties, callbacks
we should look at which TAs are already covered and whether existing BPEL processes can be reused for other TAs
... the assembly test doc describes all these tests
the test case doc describes each individual test case
<Mike Edwards>
look at ASM_5006_TestCase in that document, for example
Mike walks thru ASM_5009_TestCase
<Mike Edwards>
<Mike Edwards>
<Mike Edwards>
so, for TestComposite1.composite in the General_BPEL directory:
<Mike Edwards>
BPEL test assertions: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/sca-bpel/download.php/33296/SCA_BPEL_Test_Assertions_12.pdf
<Mike Edwards>
Look at SBL-TA-2001
<Mike Edwards>
looking at:
<Mike Edwards>
<Mike Edwards>
<component name="TestComponent1">
<implementation.composite name="test:TestComposite1"/>
<service name="InvalidName">
<interface.wsdl interface="http://test.sca.oasisopen.org/#wsdl.porttype(Service1)"/>
<property name="serviceName">service1</property>
there are artifacts that are present in assembly that could be used to SBL-TA-2001 (or other TAs)
<Mike Edwards>
<!-- SCA property with name=serviceName -->
<variable name="serviceName" type="xsd:string" sca-bpelroperty="yes"/>
this assembly test I think tests SBL-TA-2003
what can we do offline before the next call
... we should go through the General_BPEL directory and try to reverse map to the TA doc
we can do divide and conquer
... should be easier to go from TA doc to existing tests
the other way around, everyone doesn't have to understand all the tests
Volunteers -- sanjay, anish
i can get all the structure ready for bpel
... also get one test case written
i'll do a test case for the fist TA
mike will do one test case and I'll go through the rest of the test cases and try to map it for the next call
<Dieter Koenig>
"ACTION: dieter to file an issue about constraining type" is done - issue submitted - this will probably become BPEL-60
Meeting adjourned

[End of Minutes]
Formatted on 2009-10-15 at 15:51:19 GMT-7

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