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Subject: [sca-bpel] SCA-BPEL 1.1 CD 02 Revision 6

Dear SCA-BPEL TC, I edited the SCA-BPEL spec for the issue resolutions
listed below.

@Anish, the status of these issues (including those edited by Najeeb, see
below) may now be changed to "Applied".

The uploaded package
also contains the two (unchanged) XML schema files.

For the subsequent work on test assertions etc., here is a summary of the
affected conformance items:
-- BPEL-41 - Deleted [SBPEL2020], [SBPEL2021], [SBPEL2022] and introduced
-- BPEL-42 - Deleted [SBPEL3004]
-- BPEL-45 - Modified [SBPEL3022] - wording only, no impact on test
-- BPEL-47 - New example only
-- BPEL-48 - Modified introduction text only
-- BPEL-49 - Extended [SBPEL1001]
-- BPEL-51 - Deleted [SBPEL3021]
-- BPEL-53 - Modified [SBPEL2012]
-- BPEL-55 - Introduced [SBPEL3024]
-- BPEL-59 - Introduced [SBPEL5001], [SBPEL5002]
-- BPEL-60 - Modified abstract text only

Moreover, spec revision 3+4 editing by Najeeb affected the following
conformance items:
-- BPEL-52 - Deleted [SBPEL2004.2], [SBPEL3011], renamed [SBPEL3011.1] to
-- BPEL-56 - Introduced [SBPEL3010.1]

Kind Regards

Dieter Koenig

Senior Technical Staff Member, WebSphere Process Server
IBM Software Group, Application and Integration Middleware Software
WSS Business Process Solutions
 Phone:            +49-7031-16-3426           IBM Deutschland                      (Embedded
                                                                                 image moved
                                                                                    to file:
 E-Mail:           dieterkoenig@de.ibm.com    Schönaicher Str. 220   
                                              71032 Böblingen        
 IBM Deutschland                                                       
 Research &                                                            
 GmbH /                                                                
 Vorsitzender des                                                      
 Martin Jetter                                                         
 Dirk Wittkopp                                                         
 Sitz der                                                              
 Böblingen /                                                         
 Stuttgart, HRB                                                        


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