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Subject: Issue 58: propsal

Attached is a proposal for issue 58 per my AI [1].

The AI indicated rewriting section 2.1.1 to remove nested ifs. I did not 
do that for the reason that to do such a rewrite would require rewriting 
not just section 2.1.1 but lot of other sections as well. My model for 
doing it the "Right Way" is Java POJO spec section 8 [2]. That spec 
spells out the values of all the introspected component type attributes 
and elements in one place. Currently in our spec, we have the CT info 
distributed beyond section 2.1.1. For example in section 3.

Before I embark on refactoring the spec, I want to gauge what the TC 
wishes to do. If we don't want to refactor the spec beyond section 
2.1.1, the attached proposal should suffice.





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