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Subject: [ISSUE 65]: sca-bpel:ignore attribute value is relevant only whenit is "true" (and not "1")

This is now issue 65


On 9/9/2010 1:40 PM, Anish Karmarkar wrote:
> Title: sca-bpel:ignore attribute value is relevant only when it is
> "true" (and not "1")
> Specification: SCA BPEL C&I
> Description:
> [Note: this issue was discussed briefly in the context of a different
> issue and we decided to leave it as is. I now feel strongly enough to
> file a separate issue]
> All the normative statements with the sca-bpel:ignore attribute as the
> target (SPEL2005, SBPEL2007, SBPEL2025, SBPEL3020) are conditional to
> its literal value being "true" or not "true". The type of the attribute
> is xs:boolean, which means that the value space is {0, 1, false, true}.
> With the current formulation of the normative statements, the only value
> that matters is "true". One cannot use "1" and have that partnerLink be
> ignored by the introspection algorithm. The introspection algorithm
> currently has to treat a partnerLink with sca-bpel:ignore="1" no
> different than a partnerLink with sca-bpel:ignore="false". This is
> counter-intuitive and IMHO wrong.
> Proposal:
> I would like to suggest resolving it in one of two ways (I prefer the
> second approach):
> 1) restrict the value space to just {true, false} -- just a schema change
> 2) keep the value space as is, but refer to the canonical value of true
> in our normative statements.
> -Anish
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