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sca-bpel message

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Subject: Raw chat log of 4/28 Mtg

anonymous morphed into Najeeb Andrabi
Mike Edwards: greetings
anonymous morphed into anish
anish: greetings
anish: 75% of VM present, meeting is quorate
anish: Date: 2011-04-28
Sanjay: Mar 17th raw chat log: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/201103/msg00004.html
Sanjay: Approval of 2011-01-20 minutes
Sanjay: Approval of minutes
anish: Chair: Sanjay Patil & Anish Karmarkar
Sanjay: 2011-01-20 minutes
anish: scribe: Sanjay Patil
anish: ScribeNick: sanjay
Mike Edwards: +1 from me
Sanjay: 2011-01-20 minutes approved unanimously
Sanjay: 2011-03-17 minutes approved unanimously
Sanjay: Action Items
a) 136 Anish: Update the SCA-BPEL schema as required by the updates to
the SCA-Assembly schema docs (before next CD pub)
b) 138 Editors: Provide spec text per resolution of issue 65
c) 141 Ping Mike Edwards about the status of the SCA BPEL implementation
Sanjay: AI 136: Pending
Sanjay: AI 138: Pending
Sanjay: AI 141: Done
Sanjay: Not much active work happening on the open source BPEL implementation used for SCA BPEL testing
Sanjay: Estimating ETA needs some analysis
Sanjay: Mike to send an email to sca-bpel list soliciting contributors for the open source BPEL implementation (used for sca bpel testing)
Sanjay: Testing
Sanjay: The remaining testing work is contingent upon the availability of the Tuscany test runtime
Sanjay: Other potential issues
Sanjay: - Consolidate TA and TC documents
Sanjay: - Address normative but optional statements
Sanjay: Higher order question - do we have two implementations as required by the exit criteria?
Sanjay: Tuscany is the only known implementation.
Sanjay: Other prospective implementation may come from Oracle. Anish to investigate.
Sanjay: Others to similarly investigate the possible other implementations.
Sanjay: Current schedule of meetings is every alternate week
Sanjay: Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pacific

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