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Subject: Groups - Inaugural TC Meeting (Conference Call) modified

Inaugural TC Meeting (Conference Call) has been modified by Dr. Bryan Aupperle

Date:  Thursday, 06 September 2007
Time:  01:00pm - 03:00pm ET

Event Description:
Call-in info to be provided.

       1. Welcome: Convener
           [ Note: under OASIS (IPR) rules, only TC Members may  
speak. Observers are just that.

20 mins 2. Introductions and roll call: Convener
     [  People who were approved as members on the roster as of  
231:45 EDT 7 days before the call AND who attend this meeting acquire  
voting rights immediately. All others will have to follow the normal  
oasis process of attending 2 consecutive meetings. Mary send out  
pdf's with those snapshots. Hopefully there won't be any issues. If  
so, OASIS TC Admin staff (subject to the usual appeals process) will  
make any necessary determinations. ]

     Note: Members who join late should announce themselves to  
establish their voting status. 

The list of members registered before the 7 day deadline is: 

Andrew Borley (IBM) 
Bryan Aupperle (IBM) 
Daid Haney (RogueWave Software) 
Jeff Mischkinksy (Oracle) 
Mark Little (Red Hat) 
Mike Edwards (IBM) 
Pete Robbins (IBM) 

   a)  TC roster

2 mins 3. Appointment of Note taker(s): Convener
    [ We need someone to keep a record of the proceedings, so  
please volunteer if you can take minutes. At a minimum what needs to  
be recorded is formal motions, votes, and action items. ]

mins 4. Election of TC chair(s), Convener

 a. Discussion re number of chairs

 b. Nominations
       [ Voting members are eligible to become chairs and may be  
self-nominated. ]
 c. Statements from Candidates
       [ allow a reasonable time -- 5 mins or so for candidates to  
make statements ]
 d. Discussion
       [ allow some time 10-15 mins for non-repetitive discussion  
if members desire ]

 e. Call for votes
      Each voting member can vote for as many as candidates as  
there are open positions.
      Candidates with the highest number of votes are elected.
      In the event of a tie, a run-off will be immediately held.  
(Note: this process is not mathematically guaranteed to converge :-)

 f. Hand-off of meeting from convener to newly elected chair(s).

5. Approval/agenda bashing of (remaining) meeting agenda (items  
5-10):  TC Chairs

6. Introduction to OASIS process: OASIS staff

7. Standing rules
     TCs are allowed to adopt standing rules (which are consistent  
with the default OASIS TC Process) to augment the process by which  
the TC conducts its business.

     Possible motion: Adopt a standing rule allowing the TC to make  
binding decisions via web ballots.

8. Future meetings - f2f logistics - proposed conf call schedule: TC  

     As has been announced the first f2f meetings and plenary will  
be in Palo Alto, CA tues-thurs 18-20 Sep 2007: http://www.oasis- 
If you have not done so please register at https://www.oasis-open.org/ 
apps/2007_OASIS_OpenCSA_Plenary/register_contact.php? to help us in  
logistics planning. There is no fee. The first day Tuesday are being  
billed as an Open Education Session featuring a comprehensive review  
of the current state of the SCA specifications. The official TC  
meetings will be on Wed and Thursday.

The osoa collaboration has been having regular teleconf calls on the  
following schedule:
    Policy   - Mo 0900 PDT
    Assembly - Tu 0800 PDT
    BPEL     - Th 0800 PDT
    C-CPP    - Th 0800 PDT  (no overlap with BPEL)
    Bindings - Th 0900 PDT
    J        - Th 1000 PDT
   OpenCSA Member Section Steering Commm - Fr 0900 PDT

Since we know that at least for those folks (most of whom who will be  
working in the new OASIS TCs) these times work and don't conflict  
with the other SCA work we are providing them as a starting point for  
establishing the TC conf call schedule. Because of the overlap,  
coordination requirements between the SCA TCs, and the geographic  
diversity, establishing the call schedule could be quite a challenge.  
Each TC should collect scheduling information over the next 2 weeks  
with the aim of establishing the call schedule at the f2f meetings in  
Palo Alto.

9. Charter overview, plan of work, TC organization : TC Chair(s)
    Relationship to OpenCSA Member Section
    TC Roles that will need to be filled:
         editors, notetakers, issues list, implementation/test  
subgroup, OpenCSA TC coordinator/liaison

    Charter overview

10. AOB

Voting Members in attendance:

Bryan Aupperle
Andrew Borley
David Haney
Jeff Mischkinsky
Mike Edwards
Pete Robbins

Observers:  Graham Barber

OASIS staff:
Jamie Clark, Mary McRae


Pete Robbins as convenor:

0. Agenda

Unchanged from the published version

1. Election of chair

a) How many chairs?

Motion : Propose 2 co-chairs for the SCA-C-CPP technical committee  - Proposed: Mike Edwards / seconded Jeff Mischkinsky
accepted unanimously

b) Nominations for co chair

Bryan Aupperle - Proposed: Mike Edwards / Seconded: Jeff Mischkinsky

no others came forward

2nd chair position will be held over

c) Vote on electing Bryan Aupperle as co-chair of the SCA-C-CPP TC

Accepted unanimously

Bryan Aupperle now Chair.

2) OASIS Process outline - Jamie Clark, OASIS staff.

3) Standing Rules

MOTION: Allow binding decisions to be taken by Web ballot for this TC.

Accepted unanimously

4) Future meetings

a) F2F meeting planned for 18 - 20th September
- this TC meets on Wednesday afternoon (19th)

b) Time/day for future conference call meetings

MOTION: Meetings to take place Thursdays 08:00 Pacific for the calls

Accepted unanimously

c) Frequency of the meetings:

MOTION:  Meetings with a Weekly frequency to start the week following the F2F

Accepted unanimously

5) Discussion of Activities

Pete Robbins offers himself as an Editor

6) AOB

Concern expressed over the small number of members of this TC
- attempts should be made to broaden the community

View event details:

PLEASE NOTE:  If the above link does not work for you, your email
application may be breaking the link into two pieces.  You may be able to
copy and paste the entire link address into the address field of your web

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X-WR-CALNAME:My Calendar
SUMMARY:Inaugural TC Meeting (Conference Call)
DESCRIPTION:Call-in info to be provided.\n\nGroup: OASIS Service Component
  Architecture / C and C++ (SCA-C-C++) TC\nCreator: Mary McRae

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