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Subject: Re: [sca-c-cpp-comment] @header attribute of the <implementation.cpp> element

Yes, this is the correct list for posting questions and comments about this specification.

You have found an error in the schema. The @header element of the <implementation.cpp> element was removed quite some time ago. This is reflected in the specification text and pseudo-schema you reference, but was apparently never removed from the schema itself or the copy of it in the appendix. The attribute was removed because the headers are related to interfaces, not implementations. In, fact, and implementation  could be for a componentType with multiple interfaces. To find an appropriate header, if it is even needed at runtime, one needs to work through the componentType.

I will open an issue to track this, but please be aware that the TC is not actively working on the specifications right now.

Bryan Aupperle. PhD
Software Client Architect - Mid-Atlantic
Senior Technical Staff Member

Raleigh, NC
Mobile: 919-656-0018


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Date:        06/01/2012 09:14 AM
Subject:        [sca-c-cpp-comment] @header attribute of the <implementation.cpp> element

Hi Folks!
I’m working in a team at Siemens Corporate Technology on an C++ SCA Runtime implementation called “Trentino” (see http://trentino.sourceforge.net/) .
As time passed, we collected some questions and unclear issues regarding the SCA specs. I hope this is the right place to pose them. Actually, only one to
start with ;-)

The question is concerning the C++ spec from 14 October 2010: http://docs.oasis-open.org/opencsa/sca-c-cpp/sca-cppcni-1.1-spec-cd06.pdf.
According to line 3421 the @header attribute of the <implementation.cpp> element is of type NCName (by the way:  @header is neither mentioned
in the pseoudo-schema snippet in line 417ff. nor  in the list starting at line 431), so that it’s not possible to specify paths within this attribute. The question is:
how then the runtime is supposed to find the corresponding header? Are there any conventions, such as to search for it in the directory specified via @componentType? Since the @header attribute of <interface.cpp> is of type string and may contain also paths, making the @header attribute of <implementation.cpp> be an NCName  seems somehow inconsistent.

Thanks in advance
Konstantin Sokolov

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