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sca-j-editors message

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Subject: Info needed for getting JIRA write access

[The following is a blatant copy of Anish's email to the SCA-BPEL group,
modified only slightly to accommodate its use for SCA-J.  Hope you don't
mind, Anish.]

Hi SCA-J editors:

As you must have seen, we have OASIS admin approval to use the OSOA jira

system. Mike Edwards' intern has created a JIRA project for SCA-J:

To provide write access to this project I need your OASIS userid. The 
OASIS userid and OSOA JIRA userid are being kept in sync.  This may mean
that some people who already have JIRA accounts have to create new ones
that use the same name as is used for their OASIS accounts.

Pl. keep in mind that sca-j-editors list is archived, so if you are 
not comfortable revealing your id on a publicly archived list please 
send me a private email.



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