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sca-j-jee message

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Subject: Re: [sca-j] SCA JEE status

Are there minutes for this call?


Pavlov, Plamen wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> As there is little chance I to miss the Monday’s phone call, I would 
> like to send the status for the SCA JEE Sub Committee in advance
> This Friday we had our regular phone call and we went through the 
> assigned Action Items for which the status was not known. Some of the 
> Action Items were done, but most of them are still ongoing.
> Alongside with this we distributed the Action Items which were left 
> without processor and assigned them between ourselves.
> We went through the list of issues which were already raised in front of 
> the SCA-J TC and are SCA-JEE related and hopefully some of them will be 
> discussed in the next SCA-J TC phone calls as there are already 
> proposals. For the issues which are still without proposals, Action 
> Items are assigned to few of us.
> For the next week (28.11.2008) we agree to cancel the meeting, as there 
> is a holiday in USA on Thursday. Due to this the next SCA-JEE phone call 
> is on 05.12.2008.
> *******Best Regards,**************** Plamen*

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