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Subject: Prelim minutes for SCA-J formation meeting

Prelim Minutes of OASIS SCA-J-TC Formation meeting

Fri 07 Sep 2007 10:00 AM Pacific

Sanjay Patil, SAP,  acted as convener

Introductions and roll call
Sanjay conducted the initial Roll Call.

The following members achieved voting status, having registered 7  
days in advance and attending this meeting:

Ron Barrack, SAP

Henning, Blohm, SAP

William Barnhill, Booz Allen Hamilton

Michael Beisiegel, IBM

David Booz, IBM

Fred Carter, AmberPoint

Martin Chapman, Oracle

Roberto Chinnici, Sun

Jean-Sebastien Delfino, IBM

Mike Edwards, IBM

Anish Karmarkar, Oracle

Meeraj Kunnumpurath, individual

Ashok Malhotra, Oracle

Jim Marino, BEA

Jeff Mischkinsky, Oracle

Sriram Narasimham, Tibco

Simon Nash, IBM

Sanjay Patil, SAP

Peter Peshev, SAP

Michael Rowley, BEA

Pradeep Simha, Tibco

Peter Walker, Sun

The following (non-voting until after they attend their 2nd  
consecutive meeting) members were present:

Shih-Chang Chen, Oracle

OASIS staff members:

Jaime Clark

Mary McRae

There are 21 voting members

Appointment of Note taker
Jeff Mischkinsky, Oracle agreed to take notes for the formation  

Election of TC chair(s)
 From discussions it appears that there is a desire that most of the  
SCA TCs will have two co-chairs to share the load/responsibility.

MOTION: Jeff M/Mike Edwards -  that the TC have two co-chairs


Anish Karmarkar nominated Mike Rowley (BEA) and Henning Blohm (SAP)  
as co-chairs

There were no other nominations for co-chair.

There were short statements from 2 candidates.

ELECTED - both candidates elected by UNAN consent

Meeting handed off from convener to newly elected co-chairs

Approval/agenda bashing of (remaining) meeting agenda
No comments on proposed agenda.

Introduction to OASIS process
Jamie Clark and Mary McRae gave a very short overview on the OASIS  
process, rules and procedures.


Not to put words in their mouths, but i have enclosed a more verbose  
version of their statements from one the other SCA TC minutes.

Oasis staff are not "players"
  ... TC process is open and visible
  ... Oasis IPR rules apply
  ... all work is visible and available on the Oasis web site section  
dedicated to this TC
  ... Member should reference the TC process as documented on the  
OASIS web site
  ... Roberts rules will apply.
  ... Additional requirements are imposed by this TC's membership in  
the Open CSA member section
  ... OASIS IPR policies apply to both participants and their employers
  ... TC is limited to the boundaries as layed out by its charter
  ... Please free to bug OASIS staff when help is needed
Mary McRae:
    I am responsible for the technical operations of this TC and can  
be contacted for assistance

Standing rules
TCs are allowed to adopt standing rules (which are consistent with  
the default OASIS TC Process) to augment the process by which the TC  
conducts its business.

MOTION: Jeff M/Bill Barnhill: Adopt a standing rule allowing the TC  
to make binding decisions via web ballots,


Future meetings - F2F logistics - Proposed conf call schedule


As has been announced the first F2F meetings and plenary will be in  
Palo Alto, CA tues-thurs 18-20 Sep 2007:


If you have not done so please register at https://www.oasis-open.org/ 
apps/2007_OASIS_OpenCSA_Plenary/register_contact.php? to help us in  
logistics planning. There is no fee. The first day Tuesday is billed  
as an Open Education Session featuring a comprehensive review of the  
current state of the SCA specifications. The official TC meetings  
will be on Wed and Thursday.

The SCA-J TC will meet Web Afternoon 1:30-6:00 PM PDT.

The OSOA collaboration has been having regular teleconf calls on the  
following schedule:

Policy   - Mo 0900 PDT

Assembly - Tu 0800 PDT

BPEL     - Th 0800 PDT

C-CPP    - Th 0800 PDT

Bindings - Th 0900 PDT

J        - Th 1000 PDT

OpenCSA Member Section Steering Comm - Fr 0900 PDT

MOTION: Anish/Ashok: That weekly TC calls be held starting Sep 27  
2007 for 60 minute, every Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific.


Charter overview, plan of work, TC organization
Possible TC Roles that will need to be filled:

    editors, notetakers, issues list, implementation/test subgroup,  
OpenCSA TC coordinator/liaison

    Henning suggested, with no objection that we use the Face to Face  
meeting to discuss the plan of work and assignment of TC Roles.

Henning also proposed that the Charter overview be postponed to f2f  
meeting for which there were no objections.


Meeting adjourned at 10:40 AM Pacific

  Respectfully submitted, (does anybody ever submit disrespectful  
minutes? :-)

      Jeff Mischkinsky

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