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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Local services expose implementation classes as their type


TARGET: Java Common Annotations and APIs specification

        Java Component Implementation Specification

            Section titled: “Local and Remotable Services”




Currently, this section states the following:


If an implementation class has implemented interfaces that are not decorated with an @Remotable annotation, the class is considered to implement a single local service whose type is defined by the class.


This is unfortunate, since the extremely common pattern of:


   class FooImpl implements Foo {}


Will result in a component that offers a service whose type is FooImpl (assuming that Foo hasn’t been marked as @Remotable).


It should be possible for this pattern to result in a service whose type is the Foo interface.




Introduce a new interface annotation called @Local.  If a component implementation implements an interface that has been marked as @Local, then the component type will include a service whose type is that interface.


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