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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Clarify Request Scope lifetime


RAISER: Michael Rowley


TARGET: SCA Java Component Implementation Specification section titled “Request Scope”




The section currently starts with the following sentence:


“The lifecycle of request scope extends from the point a request on a remotable interface enters the SCA runtime and a thread processes that request until the thread completes synchronously processing the request.”


From this description, it is not clear whether the request scope lasts through a remotable call to another component that happens to be local.  In one possible interpretation it would depend on the binding.  A call through a web service binding would be seen as changing threads, and therefore would be a new request scope.  The same call through an SCA binding might be assumed to remain within the thread and therefore be within the same scope.


It is probably a bad idea for the scope to depend on the binding that is used, and it may even be a bad idea for the scope to depend on whether a call through a remotable interface _happens_ to be local.




1) Have the request scope be only for a single remotable operation call.  From that operation, any request scope component that is reached through only local-service calls would reach the same component instance.  Calls through a remotable interface would introduce a new request scope.


2) Alternately, the request scope could last from the time a request “enters the SCA runtime” until it is done, but with the clarification that the “SCA Runtime” is domain-wide.  As long as a call is made to another SCA component within the same domain (irrespective of the binding used) it is part of the same request scope.



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