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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Callback Simplification


There’s been some informal discussion about the need to simplify callbacks and now some email on the subject.  I’ll suggest this issue to hang this discussion on.  I won’t put in a proposal, since I don’t think we are yet at the stage where it is appropriate to have a proposal stored in the JIRA.



RAISER: Michael Rowley


TARGET: Java API and Annotation Specification




One of SCA’s goals is to present a simple programming model to service developers.  Unfortunately, the current capabilities related to callbacks don’t really qualify as simple.  Developers have to be able to understand all of the possible combinations of:


- The scope of the client (4 possibilities)

- The scope of the service provider (4 more possibilities)

- Conversational or non-conversational on the main interface.

- Conversational or non-conversational on the callback interface.

- User specified callback IDs

- User specified callback objects.

- The relationship of callback IDs to conversation IDs (possibly user specified)

- ...and probably more




Not included.




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