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Subject: Raw chat log from meeting 10th April 2008

Here is the raw chat log for the SCA-J meeting 10th April 2008





[18:03] Room information was updated by: Mark Combellack
SCA-J Teleconf has been modified by Dr. Michael Rowley
Date:  Thursday, 10 April 2008
Time:  01:00pm - 02:00pm ET
Event Description:
US & Canada Toll Free: 866-484-4232
UK Toll Free: 08082348022
Germany Toll Free: 08001825120
International Dial-In Number: +1 702-894-2358 ACCESS CODE:  960335
Chat room:
- Roll Call
- Appointment of scribe. List attached below
- Agenda bashing
- Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s) http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/sca-j/download.php/27868/Meeting%20Minutes%203-4-2008.doc
1. Action Item review: 
Left from the F2F: 
* Issue 1
a) "Just an API" (no SCDL, etc)
- Dave B & Mike R (3/27)
DONE 3/27
b) Concept of "implementation.client" to which "some code" can point
- Simon N, with help from Ron, Peter, Jim to flesh out (4/3)
DONE: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200804/msg00005.html
c) "Introduce a new component into existing or new domain" API
- Mike E will look at it (4/3) 
AIs from last week:
1)Action Item (Ron): Issue 1 implementation.client discussion to be moved to the main mailing list, Ron will send out the latest correspondence.
2)Action Item (Ron): Correct text of JAVA-33, which was somehow overwritten with the text from JAVA-34
DONE: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-33
3)Action Item (Ron): Issues Editor should mark JAVA-34 as a a duplicate of JAVA-12. 
4)JAVA-23:  Simon will make a new pass, looking at determining which methods are async methods, that can be ignored.
2. Accepting new issues: 
NEW ISSUE: The ServiceReference interface should extend Serializable http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200804/msg00012.html
3. Issues discussion: 
JAVA-28:  Package Name Changes
Response from OASIS Staff:
JAVA-1: Accessing SCA Services from non-SCA component code
Latest email: 
(PPT link at the bottom) 
JAVA-23: Asynchronous Client interface to Synchronous Service not well described in Java Common Annotations & APIs Specification
Simon to send updated proposal before the meeting.
JAVA-25: Callback Simplification
Proposal from Simon: 
Proposal from Michael R and Jim: 
Latest Email:
4. Adjourn 
Rotating scribe list: 
Mark Combellack
Peter Walker Sun Microsystems (1)
Anish Karmarkar Oracle Corporation (2)
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation (1)
Michael Beisiegel IBM (2)
David Booz IBM (2)
Roberto Chinnici Sun Microsystems (2)
Mike Edwards IBM (2)
Jim Marino BEA Systems, Inc. (2)
Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation (2)
Sanjay Patil SAP AG (2)
Pradeep Simha TIBCO Software Inc. (2)
Bryan Aupperle IBM (1)
Peter Peshev SAP AG (2)
Ron Barack SAP AG (3) 
[18:04] Mark Combellack: I guess as I have drawn the "short straw" as I am top of the scribe list
[18:04] anonymous morphed into Roberto Chinnici
[18:05] Mark Combellack: Simon is just redialing - he will be back soon
[18:07] anonymous morphed into Ron Barack
[18:08] Mark Combellack: attendance 12 of 15
[18:08] Mark Combellack: Chair Michael R
[18:09] Mark Combellack: Agenda - agreed
[18:10] Mark Combellack: minutes at http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/sca-j/download.php/27868/Meeting%20Minutes%203-4-2008.doc apr
[18:10] Mark Combellack: sorry - too fast on enter
[18:11] Mark Combellack: minutes at http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/sca-j/download.php/27868/Meeting%20Minutes%203-4-2008.doc approved w/o
[18:11] Mark Combellack: action items
[18:11] Mark Combellack: Issue 1 - a and b done previously
[18:12] Mark Combellack: new text for issue 1 - part c - done
[18:13] Mark Combellack: Action Item (Ron): Issues Editor should mark JAVA-34 as a a duplicate of JAVA-12 - done
[18:13] Mark Combellack: JAVA-23:  Simon will make a new pass, looking at determining which methods are async methods, that can be ignored. - Posted to list so done
[18:13] Mark Combellack: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-35
[18:14] Mark Combellack: New issues
[18:15] Mark Combellack: Issue 35 - 
[18:16] Mark Combellack: m combellack propose / mike edwards seconds - issue open
[18:16] Mark Combellack: Issue 36 - RequestContext.getServiceReference description is unclear
[18:20] Mike Edwards: getServiceReference()  Returns the callable reference that represents the service or callback reference that the request was invoked on.     It is illegal for the service implementation to try to call the setCallback() on a returned service reference.
[18:22] Mark Combellack: m edwards propose / second m combellack
[18:22] Mark Combellack: issue 36 - open
[18:22] Mark Combellack: 3. Issues discussion: 
JAVA-28:  Package Name Changes
[18:23] Mark Combellack: simon discusses concerns...
[18:24] Mark Combellack: simon: package name of org.oasis_open odd in Java world
[18:25] Mark Combellack: simon: oasis could acquire other domain name and use that as the package name instead
[18:26] Mark Combellack: Jim M: agree that _ in package name is ugly
[18:26] Mark Combellack: Mike E also agrees
[18:26] Mark Combellack: There are two existing JAva packages with _ in the name
[18:27] Mark Combellack: Simon: People dislike _ in package names
[18:30] Mark Combellack: Discussions on possible alternative domain names (not listing to save them being registered by other 3rd parties whilst we take some time to decide)
[18:30] Mark Combellack: Simon: motions org.oasisj as package name
[18:30] Mark Combellack: Jim M seconds
[18:32] Mark Combellack: Simon: motions org.oasisj as package name prefix and for SCA -J would be org.oasisj.sca
[18:32] Mark Combellack: no objections. Motion passed
[18:32] Mark Combellack: Action: Simon forward details to Oasis staff regarding new package name
[18:35] Mark Combellack: Simon: Discusses sticking to org.osoa until we break backwards compatibility
[18:39] Mark Combellack: Discusions on impact to users of changing from org.osoa to something different
[18:42] Mark Combellack: Simon: Could we use both and make them compatible?
[18:43] Mark Combellack: Roberto: We have two specifications OSOA and OASIS. They could go in different directions
[18:46] Mark Combellack: JAVA-1: Accessing SCA Services from non-SCA component code
[18:47] Mark Combellack: Ron B presents slides
[18:47] Jim Marino: can you paste the link for records?
[18:47] Mark Combellack: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200804/ppt00000.ppt
[18:49] Mark Combellack: going to quickly redial as phone going flat - brb
[18:50] Mark Combellack: back
[18:57] Mark Combellack: approx 5 minutes left
[18:59] Mark Combellack: AOB
[18:59] Mark Combellack: Face to face discussions
[19:00] Mark Combellack: Weeks being considerd july 7 or july 14th - locations East coast or west coast
[19:01] Mark Combellack: Discussion - how frequently should we have them?
[19:02] Mark Combellack: July = 3 times a year. September = twice a year
[19:03] Mark Combellack: 3 times a year seems to be the preferred
[19:03] Mark Combellack: Adjourned

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