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Subject: Re: [sca-j] NEW ISSUE: Incorrect example in Java Component ImplementationSpec v1.00 - Sec 1.2.4

The section number given in the chat log minutes from last week's call was incorrect.  The correct section is Section 8.12 of the Java Common Annotations and APIs spec.  This says the following:

1172 The @Property annotation may be used on protected or public fields and on setter methods or on
1173 a constructor method.
1174 Properties may also be injected via public setter methods even when the @Property annotation is
1175 not present. However, the @Property annotation must be used in order to inject a property onto a
1176 non-public field. In the case where there is no @Property annotation, the name of the property is
1177 the same as the name of the field or setter.

The above text says nothing about this only applying if no annotations are present.  So this example should be fine as long as either the implementation's componentType or the SCDL component configuration specifies a property called someProperty.

When looking at the example code, I noticed a different problem.  The constructor should be Impl4 not Impl2.


Simon C. Nash, IBM Distinguished Engineer
Member of the IBM Academy of Technology
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C Vamsi <vamsic007@in.ibm.com>

28/04/2008 20:17

[sca-j] NEW ISSUE: Incorrect example in Java Component Implementation Spec v1.00 - Sec 1.2.4

Java Component Implementation Specification v1.00 - Sec 1.2.4 - Lines 296
to 302:
296 /** Additional property set through a method */
297 public class Impl4 {
298 public String someProperty;
299 public SomeService someReference;
300 public Impl2(String a, SomeService b) {...}
301 @Property public void setAnotherProperty(int x) {...}
302 }

In this example, the presence of @Property annotation on
setAnotherProperty() results in someProperty and someReference not make
into the componentType as property and reference respectively.  Only after
removing the @Property annotation, the implementation becomes unannotated
and someProperty & anotherProperty will be computed as properties;
someReference will be computed as a reference as per section 1.2.7.

PROPOSAL: Remove @Property from line 301 so that the line reads "public
void setAnotherProperty(int x) {...}"



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