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Subject: minutes for 15 May

Michael Rowley: USA 1-203-418-3122 866-692-3163 PARTICIPANT PASSCODE:  
Michael Rowley: UNITED KINGDOM LONDON: 44-20-7075-3246 0808-238-6025
Jim Marino: Proceed with the Agenda
Jim Marino: Approval of 1 May 08 minutes
anish that is the only way to prune the voting member list and achieve  
quorum on subsequent calls
Jim Marino: Approval 8 May 08 minutes
Martin C: minutes are a record of the meeting whether quorate or not
Dave Booz: Having a quorum problem?  I'll be on the call in a few  
Jim Marino: motion to make Mark an editor
Jim Marino: Mike E seconds
Jim Marino: approved motion
Jim Marino: Anish to coordinate on a date for editorial changes and  
report back next week
Jim Marino: Turn to new issues
Jim Marino: Issue 39
Jim Marino: Motion to open issue Vamsi
Jim Marino: Jim seconds
Jim Marino: Vamsi to update the description of the JIRA for 39
Jim Marino: issue opened
Jim Marino: Issue 44
Jim Marino: discussion of whether an error should be raised at  
deployment versus runtime
Jim Marino: Simon motions to open the issue
Jim Marino: Dave seconds
Jim Marino: issue opened
Vamsi: Issue 45
Jim Marino1: motion to open Issue 45 Vamsi
Jim Marino1: Simon seconds
Jim Marino1: issue opened
Jim Marino1: motion to resolve Simon
Jim Marino1: issue opened, no objections
Jim Marino1: Mark C seconds
Jim Marino1: Issue 45 resolved according to JIRA
Jim Marino1: Issue 28
Simon Nash: The sca-j TC supports the use of the package prefix  
org.oasisopen, assuming that the oasisopen.org domain is acquired by  
Jim Marino1: Mike E seconds motion
Jim Marino1: No objections, resolved
anish we don't want org.oj.xxx ?
Jim Marino1: correction, resolution adopted by the TC
Jim Marino1: I like the OJ prefix
Jim Marino: Issue 23
Simon Nash: For SCA service interfaces defined using interface.java,  
the Java interface MUST NOT contain these methods.
anish: btw, i would like to suggest (for all SCA specs) that the  
conformance targets be capitalized. 'SCA RUNTIME'
anish: so it is unambiguous. We should use that in the definitions of  
the targets themselves
Jim Marino: Simon will come up with a final document to vote on for  
next week

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