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sca-j message

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Subject: Raw chat log for SCA-J meeting 29th May 2008

[17:56] Simon Nash: Agenda:

- Roll Call


- Appointment of scribe. List attached below

- Agenda bashing

- Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s)



1. Review action items:


(5/29) Anish to send WD03 for review -DONE


2. Accepting new issues:


NEW ISSUE: Missing description of what the @EagerInit annotation does.

RAISER: Mark Combellack


Latest email:



3. Discussion of Working Draft 03 posted by Anish on 5/28



Latest email:



4. Open issues discussion:


JAVA-25: Callback Simplification


Proposal from Simon:


Proposal from Michael R and Jim:


Latest Email:



JAVA-1: Accessing SCA Services from non-SCA component code


Latest email:


(PPT link at the bottom)


5. Adjourn



Rotating scribe list:


Peter Walker Sun Microsystems (1)

Roberto Chinnici Sun Microsystems (2)

Mike Edwards IBM (2)

Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation (2)

Sanjay Patil SAP AG (2)

Pradeep Simha TIBCO Software Inc. (2)

Peter Peshev SAP AG (2)

Ron Barack SAP AG (3)

Mark Combellack Avaya, Inc. (1)

Anish Karmarkar Oracle Corporation (3)

David Booz IBM (3)

Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation (2)

Michael Beisiegel IBM (3)

Jim Marino Individual (3)

Bryan Aupperle IBM (2)



[18:02] anonymous morphed into Pradeep

[18:03] Mark Combellack: is simon breaking up for anyone else?

[18:03] anish lot of static on the line

[18:03] michael beisiegel: yes same here

[18:04] anish i still hear static

[18:05] Mark Combellack: Scribe: Mark Combellack

[18:05] Mark Combellack: Reminder: No SCA-J call next week

[18:05] Mark Combellack: Meeting corate 9/11

[18:06] Mark Combellack: minutes approved w/o

[18:06] Mark Combellack: agenda bashing

[18:06] Mark Combellack: No changes

[18:06] anish: s/corate/quorate/

[18:06] Mark Combellack: 1. Review action items:

[18:06] Mark Combellack: WD03 sent to Mailing List

[18:07] Mark Combellack: 2. Accepting new issues:

[18:07] Mark Combellack: Missing description of what the @EagerInit annotation does.

[18:08] Mark Combellack: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-47

[18:08] anish: Mark explains issue 47

[18:09] anish: Mark: did a review of the spec and @EagerInit annotation did not have a description

[18:09] anish: ... had raised this as editorial, but the editors thought it was more

[18:09] Mark Combellack: motion open issue combellack second Edwards

[18:09] anish crackling is back

[18:11] Mark Combellack: opened w/o

[18:11] Mark Combellack: 3. Discussion of Working Draft 03 posted by Anish on 5/28

[18:12] Mark Combellack: Anish discusses

[18:17] Mark Combellack: Need to give people more time to review WD03

[18:17] Mark Combellack: Simon: We need to clarify SDO & JAXB specification levels

[18:18] Mark Combellack: Simon: Possibly need to decide on JAX-WS 2.0 or 2.1

[18:20] Mark Combellack: Action: Raise one or more Jiras to discuss specificaiton version  of SDO, JAXB & JAX-WS

[18:20] Mark Combellack: Action for Simon

[18:21] Mark Combellack: Action Simon: Raise multiple Jira issues for his comments on WD03

[18:22] Mark Combellack: Simon: Next actions for WD? - Fold in resolved issue texts or RFC 2119

[18:22] Mark Combellack: Anish: Should we do a CD?

[18:22] Mark Combellack: Michael R: +1 CD

[18:22] Mark Combellack: General concensus seems to be to do a CD

[18:24] Mark Combellack: TC tentatively move towards creating a CD based on WD03 and fold in resolved issues

[18:27] anish: actually, simon, u don't have to go thru the issues list to see which issues have been incorporated: they are listed at the end of the doc

[18:29] anish: issues 4, 11, 26 have been included in WD03

[18:29] Mark Combellack: Action: Simon: To identify issues that should be folded into WD in preparation for CD

[18:30] Mark Combellack: 4. Open issues discussion:

[18:30] Mark Combellack: JAVA-25: Callback Simplification


[18:37] Mark Combellack: Discussion regarding differences between hidden callback ID handling and application provided application data callback routing

[18:38] anish crackling is back for me

[18:38] Bryan Aupperle: It started as soon as Mark started speaking.

[18:38] anish mark, r u on skype?

[18:38] Mark Combellack: i'll redial

[18:39] Mark Combellack: brb

[18:40] Mark Combellack: back

[18:40] Mark Combellack: back

[18:49] anish: why is number of bits on the wire important? I certainly don't think it is.

[18:56] Mark Combellack: Warning: less than 5 minutes

[18:59] Mark Combellack: Simon: If easy app provided ID is available then Simons approach is easier.  If easy app provided ID is not available them Michael R is easier

[19:00] Mark Combellack: Straggler role call

[19:03] Mark Combellack: Action: Michael R to provide 5 minute summary of WCF for next meeting

[19:03] anish i have to leave

[19:04] Mark Combellack: Meeting adjourned


Mark Combellack| Software Developer| Avaya | Eastern Business Park | St. Mellons | Cardiff | CF3 5EA | Voice: +44 (0) 29 2081 7624 | mcombellack@avaya.com



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