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sca-j message

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Subject: Raw chat log for SCA-J meeting 12th June 2008

Simon Nash: Agenda:
- Roll Call
- Appointment of scribe. List attached below
- Agenda bashing
- Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s)

1. Review action items:

a. Simon N: Raise one or more Jiras to discuss specification version of
b. Simon N: To identify Jira issues that should be folded into WD in
preparation for CD
c. Michael R: To provide a 5 minute summary of WCF for the next meeting

2. Accepting new issues:

NEW ISSUE: @Callback annotation does not feature in section on Interfaces

NEW ISSUE: Version requirements for SDO, JAXB and JAX-WS
RAISER: Simon Nash

3. Discussion of Working Draft 03 posted by Anish on 5/28


Latest email:

4. Status Review of SCA-J Issues


5. Open issues discussion:

Looks like this has been resolved by the resolution to JAVA-23

Proposal is referenced from JIRA. Direct link:

Proposal in JIRA.

Proposal in JIRA.

Proposal in JIRA.

Two options proposed in JIRA.

Proposal in JIRA is incorrect and needs a bit of tweaking.

6. Adjourn

Rotating scribe list:

Peter Walker Sun Microsystems (1)
Roberto Chinnici Sun Microsystems (2)
Mike Edwards IBM (2)
Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation (2)
Sanjay Patil SAP AG (2)
Pradeep Simha TIBCO Software Inc. (2)
Peter Peshev SAP AG (2)
Ron Barack SAP AG (3)
Anish Karmarkar Oracle Corporation (3)
David Booz IBM (3)
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation (2)
Michael Beisiegel IBM (3)
Jim Marino Individual (3)
Bryan Aupperle IBM (2)
Mark Combellack Avaya, Inc. (2)
Mike Edwards: we'll help, Vamsi
Vamsi: Thanks Mike (Embedded image moved to file: pic30548.gif)
Vamsi: Agenda bashing... no changes
Vamsi: Approval of minutes...
Vamsi: No comments on minutes...  Minutes not approved.
Vamsi: Action items...
Bryan Aupperle: Meeting is not quorate.
Vamsi: Simon N sent out a note on spec versions of SDO, JAXB & JAXWS
Vamsi: and a summary of issues for WD for CD.
Vamsi: No discussion on the new issues as we will not be open them.
Vamsi: Discussion on WD 03... Members encouraged to read the WD and come
prepared for a discussion at the next meeting.
Vamsi: SCA-J resolved issues to be incorporated into CD.
Vamsi: Simon N: Should attempt incorporating easy to resolve issues apart
from the already resolved issues.
Bryan Aupperle: The references and reference tags in section 1.2 should all
be consistently formatted following the form used for the RFC2119 reference
and tag.  Then all uses of the reference tags in the document should be
updated as well.
Vamsi: Above is an action item for editors.
Bryan Aupperle: Suggested form is: [RFC2119]S. Bradner, Key words for use
in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels,
http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2119.txt, IETF RFC 2119, March 1997.
Simon Nash: this form follows the OASIS template
Vamsi: Review of SCA-J issues...
Vamsi: Simon N: 7 easy to resolve issues to be done before the CD.  Easy to
resolve = proposal in place, less than 10 mins discussion.
Vamsi: To discuss the easy ones in this meeting.
Vamsi: Open issues discussion...
Vamsi: May not be able to take a decision on these though.
Vamsi: ISSUE 35...
Vamsi: Option1 preferable to Option2
Vamsi: This requires CallbackID to be serializable (?)
Simon Nash: Mike suggests: ....proxy to the the service....
Vamsi: ISSUE 43
Vamsi: Simon N to send an e-mail with new wording.
Vamsi: ISSUE 41
Vamsi: Agreement with proposal in the JIRA.
Vamsi: ISSUE 39
Vamsi: Agreement with proposal in the JIRA
Vamsi: Issue 36
Vamsi: Mike: What is the use of this API?
Vamsi: To address "how did I get invoked?"
Vamsi: Agreement with proposal in JIRA.
Vamsi: Simon to send an e-mail on ISSUE 20.
Simon Nash: meeting adjourned


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