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sca-j message

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Subject: Raw log of chat for the 2008-06-26 call

Simon Nash: Agenda:
- Roll Call
- Appointment of scribe. List attached below
- Agenda bashing
- Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s)

1. Leaves of Absence:

Sanjay Patil is on LOA until July 14.

2. Review action items:


3. Accepting new issues:

No new issues this week.  The issues opened last week don't yet have
issue numbers assigned.

4. Timing of weekly calls

Some TC members in Eastern Europe find it difficult to attend the
weekly calls because of the late time.  I have received a request
to look at the timing of the calls and see whether it would be
possible to find a suitable earlier time.

5. Are we having a call on July 3?

6. Open issues discussion:

Proposal: close as duplicate of issue 23

Latest email (including proposal):

Proposal in JIRA.

Proposal in JIRA.

Proposal in JIRA.

Proposal is option 1 as stated in the JIRA.

Latest email (including proposal):

JAVA-25: Callback Simplification
Proposal from Simon:
Proposal from Michael R and Jim:
Latest Email:

7. Adjourn

Rotating scribe list:

Peter Walker Sun Microsystems (1)
Roberto Chinnici Sun Microsystems (2)
Mike Edwards IBM (2)
Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation (2)
Sanjay Patil SAP AG (2)
Pradeep Simha TIBCO Software Inc. (2)
Peter Peshev SAP AG (2)
Ron Barack SAP AG (3)
Anish Karmarkar Oracle Corporation (3)
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation (2)
Michael Beisiegel IBM (3)
Jim Marino Individual (3)
Bryan Aupperle IBM (2)
Mark Combellack Avaya, Inc. (2)
Vamsavardhana Chillakuru IBM (1)
David Booz IBM (4)

Martin C: do i have the passcode right?

Martin C: 4092525

Vamsi: yes

Martin C: says its invalid for me

Vamsi: you may try redialing into the call.

Martin C: the irish free p number must be on a different server

Martin C:

Vamsi: are you in the call now?

Martin C: yes, thanks

anish not too many folks on the J TC

anish that is not good

anish: Scribe: anish

anish: Chair: Simon Nash

anish: ScribeNick: anish

anish: Sribe: Anish Karmarkar

anish: Topic: agenda bashing

anish: agenda approved

anish: topic: approval of minutes from 2008-06-19


anish: minutes approved

anish: topic: LOA

anish: simon: need to announce and record LOA

anish i did not know that about LOA

anish i should do that for the SCA BPEL TC too

anish: simon: Sanjay is on LOA

anish: topic: AI review

anish: no AIs

anish: topic: new issues

anish: no new issues

anish: topic: next week (3rd july) call

anish: s/next week (3rd july) call/call schedule/

anish: suggestion to swap the call time with SCA BPEL

anish: another suggestion to swap the J call with the liaison call at 
8am pacific on monday

Mark Combellack: +1 from me for either monday or wednesday

anish: Simon: we have two options, we don't need more. We can try both

anish: Action: anish to check with BPEL TC and see if they are willing 
to swap


anish: topic: next week (3rd July) call

anish: motion: anish moves martin seconds to cancel next week's call

anish: motion approved w/o

anish: Resolution: july 3rd call is canceled

Vamsi: happy birthday martin

anish: topic: f2f agenda discussion

anish: simon: conversation and callbacks issue should be put on the agenda

anish: ... one of the goals

Mark Combellack: I'd also like http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-46 
looked at the f2f too

anish: simon: callback issue is issue 25

anish: Simon: would like to discuss/resolve issue 1

anish: Simon: i'll look through the the remaining issue (other than 1, 
25 and 46)

anish: simon: we should also talk about CD

anish: anish: we should start thinking about a schedule

anish: simon: will include that

anish: topic: issue 7

anish: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-7

anish: motion: daveB moves anish seconds to close 7 as a dup of 23

anish: motion approved w/o

anish: Resolution: issue 7 is closed as a dup of 23

anish: topic: issue 43

anish: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-43
Latest email (including proposal):

anish: motion: dave moves mark seconds to resolve issue 43 with proposal 
at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200806/msg00012.html

anish: motion approved w/o

anish: resolution: issue 43 resolved with proposal at 

anish: topic: issue 41

anish: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-41

anish: motion: mark moves vamsi seconds to resolve issue 41 with the 
proposal in JIRA

anish: dave: it has a 'may' in it

anish: ... is that what is meant?

anish: martin: we should include RFC keywords for issue resolution

anish: mark: happy to withdrawn

anish: motion is withdrawn

anish: topic: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-39

anish: topic: issue 39

anish: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-39

anish: anish: the new comment that is added says 'property specified in 
component definition'. It should be that the property is defined in 
component type definintion

anish: Action: anish to create a proposal for issue 39 which splits the 
example into two different examples

anish: topic: issue 20

anish: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-2

anish: Latest email (including proposal):

anish: Latest email (including proposal):

anish: motion: dave moves anish seconds to resolve issue 20 with the 
proposal at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200806/msg00017.html

anish: motion approved w/o

anish: resolution: issue 30 resolved with proposal at 

Vamsi: s/30/20

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