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Subject: NEW ISSUE: More examples on <interface.wsdl> mapping to Java

Title: NEW ISSUE: More examples on <interface.wsdl> mapping to Java

TARGET: Java Common Annotations and APIs, WD 03
The current specification is missing a detailed description of how <interface.wsdl> is mapped to a Java class.
IMO SCA-J and SCA-Bindigs specs have focused on the so called “Inside-Out”-case. E.g. start with the Java Implementation, and then expose it as web service. Most of the issues relate to this process, and most of the examples are “component with service with interface.java, promoted to service on composite level with interface.wsdl”.

If I am mistaken then I appologise myslef…

But it seems that a more common scenario is when one starts with WSDL. This would mean that “interface.java” does not need to be mentioned at all. And we will have components with a Service element with ‘interface.wsdl’.
The SCA-J tells for this just follow JAX-WS. But there are no examples.
And there are really intetresting cases. e.g.
-> Use JAX-WS and JAXB for data binding
-> Use JAX-WS and SDO for data binding
> Use Static SDO
> Use dynamic SDO
-> How to handle the WS Annotations coming from JSR 181, and how are they related to the ones defined in SCA-J ?

I am not telling that the current spec does not address this topic. Just that it may be enriched with more examples and made more formal, so that we can reach some state of interoperability on this topi at some point of time.

No proposal yet. I have some ideas, but I would like to collect more feedback, and then create a common proposal for this.

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