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Subject: NEW ISSUE: There is no lifecycle defined for SCA Components





The current SCA-J specification does not detail any information about the lifecycle of a SCA Component.



For example, the order of events for creating a SCA Component Implementation is not actually expressly defined in any one place. By looking at the descriptions of @Constructor and @Init you can extrapolate what happens. i.e. Call Constructor –inject all references and properties – call @Init. However, this sequence of events is not written down in one place.



Another example would be does the @Init method complete before the SCA Runtime can use the Component Implementation to service requests. The sensible answer is obviously yes. However, section 8.12 @Init (lines 1270 – 1271 of JCAA WD 04) states:


“The @Init annotation is used to denote a single Java class method that is called when the scope defined for the implementation class starts.”


Since we do not have a well defined lifecycle model, a SCA Runtime would be specification compliant if it spawned a new Thread to call the @Init method and used other threads to process Service requests concurrently with the execution of the @Init method. The text only states “method that is called”. It does not say that the method has to complete before the SCA Component Implementation can be used.



There are other lifecycle areas that will need to be covered but this should be enough to start the discussions.







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