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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Need description for <wireFormat/> and <operationSelection/>

NOTE: The TC has agreed that new issues which arrive without a proposal will be deferred beyond Feb 23. The TC has also deferred work on the EJB Binding spec beyond Feb 23, so I didn't feel compelled to include a proposal.

TARGET: EJB Binding Spec

The Assembly spec added an extensibility point which allows bindings to express wire format and operation selection semantics under ASSEMBLY-79 [1]. We need to decide if we want the EJB binding to have anything to say WRT these extensibility points. FWIW, each of the specs in the SCA-Bindings TC has incorporated some text described at least a default behavior.


[1] http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/ASSEMBLY-79

Dave Booz
STSM, BPM and SCA Architecture
Co-Chair OASIS SCA-Policy TC and SCA-J TC
"Distributed objects first, then world hunger"
Poughkeepsie, NY (845)-435-6093 or 8-295-6093

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