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Subject: Issue 94


The resolution on issue 94 was that an SCA runtime must not run a component with incorrect usage of annotations, though it doesn't necessarily mean the runtime doesn't deploy it. There could be scenarios, where it is not possible to deploy a component because of the use of incorrect annotations, say for example incorrect usage of @Service annotation that makes it impossible to deduce a component's service contract. I would assume, a "deployed" component would have been properly introspected to identify its properties, services and references. If incorrect usage of annotations cause any of the above characteristics from being identified, there may be subsequent implications like resolving wires from and to the component. So should we allow the component to be deployed at all?

Also, another point of discussion was wires from a component to another component that was deployed but faulty because of incorrect use of annotations. If the reference on the first component is a required one and there is no serviceable component that is qualified to be target for the wire, should the first component be able to service any requests. i.e, Should an unresolved wire result in a runtime ServiceUnavailableException or in the whole component being unable to service any user requests? I can see why someone would want to make the component available in test environments, where an invocation path may not include the unresolved reference, however, you wouldn't want this happen in live scenarios.


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