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Subject: Re: Appeal of the OASIS decision on SCA-J package names

The domain oasisopen.org is now owned by OASIS (as you can verify
by going to http://oasisopen.org).

This matter is therefore settled and the appeal closed, since the
TC can now use org.oasisopen with no qualms whatsoever as the prefix
for their Java package names.

On 12/31/2008 05:15 PM, Eduardo Gutentag wrote:
> As regards the appeal filed on May 5, 2008, subsequently suspended
> and then resumed on December 12, 2008 by the appellants listed in
> the To: line of this message (to whom I've added Mike Edwards, the
> only one who confirmed that he wanted to be added to the original
> list of appellants):
> The appellants write 
> (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200812/msg00066.html)
> "Using a package prefix without owning the corresponding domain does
> not follow Java conventions and industry best practice.  Section 7.7
> of the Java Language Specification says: "You form a unique package
> name by first having (or belonging to an organization that has) an
> Internet domain name, such as sun.com. You then reverse this name,
> component by component, to obtain, in this example, com.sun, and use
> this as a prefix for your package names, using a convention developed
> within your organization to further administer package names."
> TC Administration, on the other hand, quotes another sentence
> *in the same* Java Language Specification, second edition, section 7.7
> (http://java.sun.com/docs/books/jls/third_edition/html/packages.html#7.7):
> "If the domain name contains a hyphen, or any other special character
> not allowed in an identifier (3.8), convert it into an underscore."
> Since both quotes come from the same source, and both parties agree
> as to the correctness of at least one of them, we should assume
> that both are correct and as normative as any given specification
> can be in this case.
> So, taking the first quote, we note that we do not own org.osoa,
> so it should not be considered as a solution at all. We do have,
> however, an Internet domain name, oasis-open.org, which reversed
> (as specified in the first quote) renders "org.oasis-open".
> This, according to the first quote, should be the prefix used in
> the package.
> However, since section 3.8 excludes the use of hyphen in package
> names, the second quote provides the correct way of representing it,
> that is, "org.oasis_open"
> Thus, after both quotes are applied, org.osoa is inappropriate,
> and the prefix to be used is therefore org.oasis_open
> *However* -- we do note the strong dislike expressed by the
> appellants to the use of underbars in package names (either because
> they may be hard to type or because some software may be buggy)
> even though it's part of the same recommendation they otherwise
> quote with approval.
> We therefore direct OASIS Staff to investigate the possibility of
> acquiring the domain name oasisopen.org, and to report to us by
> January 31, 2009, as to the possibility and cost. We are aware that
> such an investigation has already started, and we hope this comes to
> fruition. But if it becomes apparent that acquiring such domain name
> (or an appropriate alternative that can be used for purposes other
> than those of the SCA-J TC) is either impossible or too expensive,
> the TC will be directed at that time to use the package name prefix
> org.oasis_open.
> The appellants should remember that the above determination can be
> appealed too, as specified in 
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php#appeals

Eduardo Gutentag
+1 510-550-4616

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