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Subject: Re: [sca-j] NEW ISSUE: Problems with Example 3 in chapter 7

Hello Simon,

Please have a look of the proposal I put for Issue 27. I made the some changes in the area by:

adding a new method to the interface and implementation

Making the fromUSDollarToCurrency an internal method...

I also cleaned up formUSDollarToCurrency to remove the elses




Yang Lei

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e-mail: yanglei@us.ibm.com

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WebSphere Lab Advocate for Royal Bank of Scotland

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          Simon Nash <oasis@cjnash.com>

          02/09/2009 10:22 AM


OASIS Java <sca-j@lists.oasis-open.org>



[sca-j] NEW ISSUE: Problems with Example 3 in chapter 7

TARGET: Java Common Annotations and APIs

DESCRIPTION: Problems with Example 3 in chapter 7

There are a number of problems with Example 3 in section
of cd02-rev2.
 a. The fromUSDollarToCurrency method is not declared in the
    AccountService interface.  It only appears in the
    implementation class.  It appears that this omission is
    accidental, not deliberate.
 b. The calls from getAccountReport() to fromUSDollarToCurrency()
    don't use SCA; they are just plain Java calls.  It appears
    they were intended to be SCA calls.
 c. The code in getAccountReport() has excessive detail and is
    poorly formatted.  This makes it hard to understand the
    point of the example.
 d. The code in fromUSDollarToCurrency() has some "return"
    statements followed by "else", with unusual formatting.
    There is no need for "else" after "return".


Add the fromUSDollarToCurrency method to the AccountService

Change the calls from getAccountReport() to fromUSDollarToCurrency()
into SCA calls, using the ComponentContext.getSelfReference() method.

Remove unnecessary detail from getAccountReport() and improve
its formatting.

Remove redundant "else" clauses from fromUSDollarToCurrency() and
improve its formatting.

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