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Subject: RE: [sca-j] Groups - Proposal for ISSUE 130: Problems with Example 3 in chapter 7 (sca-javacaa-1.1-spec-cd02-rev2+Issue130.doc) uploaded

Hi Yang,


Thanks for your proposal for Issue 130.


I’ve had a read of the MS Word version of the proposal and I have updated the MS Word document with the following changes for your review and comment:


  • Missing import of org.oasisopen.sca.ComponentContext as needed by line 842
  • Line 854 is wrong as it is attempting to store a ServiceReference returned by createSelfReference() method in a AccountService object.

The line needs to be:


   ServiceReference<AccountService> accountService = context.createSelfReference(AccountService.class);


Also need to add import for ServiceReference.


  • Lines 828 & 829 – the import statements for Context and Property have been merged into one line. They should be split
  • Lines 854 & 855 – definition of accountService. The line needs to be indented. By 1 space to match the rest of the code in the method. Also, could the line be split so that it does not wrap as this makes it hard to read. i.e. change:


   AccountService accountService =




   AccountService accountService =


·         Line 867 & 868 needs to be split to improve readability and have its indentation corrected. From









  • Line 871 & 872 need to be split to improve readability. From:









  • At various points through the code, MS Word had done the Smart Quote substitution on you and had changed “ “ to sloping quote characters. See lines 839 & 840 for an example. I have changed these back to normal quotes so the code can be copied into Eclipse.
  • I’ve put the imports in alphabetical order.





Mark Combellack| Software Developer| Avaya | Eastern Business Park | St. Mellons | Cardiff | CF3 5EA | Voice: +44 (0) 29 2081 7624 | mcombellack@avaya.com

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> From: yanglei@us.ibm.com [mailto:yanglei@us.ibm.com]

> Sent: 12 February 2009 22:43

> To: sca-j@lists.oasis-open.org

> Subject: [sca-j] Groups - Proposal for ISSUE 130: Problems with Example 3

> in chapter 7 (sca-javacaa-1.1-spec-cd02-rev2+Issue130.doc) uploaded


> The document named Proposal for ISSUE 130: Problems with Example 3 in

> chapter 7 (sca-javacaa-1.1-spec-cd02-rev2+Issue130.doc) has been submitted

> by Ms. Yang Lei to the OASIS Service Component Architecture / J (SCA-J) TC

> document repository.


> Document Description:

> Thanks Simon for the prior review and comments


> View Document Details:

> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=31205


> Download Document:

> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/31205/sca-javacaa-1.1-

> spec-cd02-rev2%2BIssue130.doc



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> -OASIS Open Administration

sca-javacaa-1.1-spec-cd02-rev2 Issue130-rev2a.doc

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