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Subject: Issue 163: proposal

Issue 163 [1] points out that the default attribute of 
sca-spring:reference element is undefined. But with WD02 [2], this is no 
longer the case. The default attribute is described as follows --

default : NCName (0..1) - the name of a <bean/> element within the 
application context which provides the reference declared by the 
sca:reference element if the component using the application context as 
an implementation does not wire the reference to a target service.The 
@default attribute of a <reference/> subelement of a <beans/> element 
MUST have the value of the @name attribute of one of the <bean/> 
subelements of the <beans/> element. [SPR20004]

So I believe we can close issue 163 with no action.


[1] http://osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-163

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