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Subject: Issue 166: directional proposal

Issue 166 [1] asks if Spring CI should support annotations. Here is a 
directional proposal:

I have gone back-and-forth on whether it make sense to support SCA 
annotations for Spring CI. My current thoughts are that while 
annotations are what developers prefer these days, for the Spring C&I 
there is no getting away from writing an XML file for the app context. 
We have modified the Spring CI in such a way that the app context has 
SCA extensions that would allow one to do (almost) anything that one 
could do with annotations.
Given this, what I would like to suggest is that for v1.1 we don't 
support annotations. This makes things easier for v1.1: less delay, we 
don't have to deal with the issue of merging annotations present in the 
code with SCA extensions in the XML files, and dealing with 
conflicts/overrides. Depending on dev feedback, it would always be 
possible to add annotation support in v.next.




[1] http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-166

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