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Subject: Raw chat log of 2010-06-14 call

Dave Booz: agenda: Agenda SCA Java Telecon - June 14 2010

Callin Number: See below

Chatroom: http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/sca-j-TC

1. Roll call

2. Confirm minute taker
Derek Dougans (0)
Graham Charters IBM (5)
Yang Lei IBM (11)
Plamen Pavlov SAP AG (3)
Mike Edwards IBM (18 )
Bryan Aupperle IBM (23)
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation (17)
Anish Karmarkar Oracle Corporation (16)
Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation (20)

3. Agenda bashing

4. Meeting Minutes
Vote to accept minutes from May 10 2010

5. TC Administrivia:
a. Recording issue status - 7 open
b. FYI - Mark Combellack resigned as co-chair and left OASIS

a. 2009-07-17-01: Mike to create an example of the componentType 
introspection (JAVA-5
b. 2010-02-01-04: Mike to look at JAVA-182 and prepare a CD draft for 
Spring C&I
c. 2010-02-15-03: MikeE to check if the RDDL needs to be updated for 
Java TC CDs
d. 2010-02-22-02: Mike to raise the necessary issue for @Remotable 
annotation on (Related to recent Assembly-218 discussions)
e. 2010-03-08-02: Mike to update CAA Test Assertions in line with the spec
f. 2010-04-12-01: Dave B to check availability of an appropriate runtime 
supporting the EJB Binding
g. 2010-05-10-01: Mark to produce updated map for POJO Test Cases

7. Current TC status

8. New Issues (requires 2/3)
a. None

9. Issues waiting for updated proposals (Spring/EJB/JEE)
a. JAVA-109: Property and reference names computed from SCA annotations 
in web modules not specified explicitly
Proposal in Jira
Waiting for updated proposal (Vamsi)

b. JAVA-182: SCA Spring C & I specs needs to refactor text under 
abstract and introduction
No proposal (Ram)

c. JAVA-174: Consider portlets in the SCA JEE specification

d. JAVA-91: Java EE Spec: Need to define the derivation of the name of a 
component contributed to the Domain by an application.composite file
Waiting for updated proposal (Mike)

e. JAVA-93: JEE Integration spec needs to define how effective CT is 
Waiting for updated proposal (Anish)

f. JAVA-108: RFC2119 Language is needed for the SCA-JEE Specification
Waiting for updated proposal

g. JAVA-88: Java EE Spec: The @archive attribute of the 
implementation.jee element needs fixing
No proposal
Plamen to check whether on his informal JEE issues list

10. Test Suite Discussion
a. Updated CAA Test Assertions
b. Summary of TA updates

11. AOB
a. straggler role

Derek Dougans: scribe is Derek

Derek Dougans: Minutes accepted

Derek Dougans: Co-chair role now open following resignation of Mark 

Derek Dougans: motion note qiuality of Mark C's contribution. Seconded 
Dave B

Derek Dougans: motioned Dave B/ seconded Dave B

Derek Dougans: motion: Anish. Seconded Mike Edwards. Note quality of 
Mark C's work. Approved w/o.

anish: Action: Anish to apply all the outstanding Spring issues that are 
resolved but not applied

anish: Action: Anish to create a proposal for issue 182

anish: Scribe: anish

Mike Edwards: Item 6. ACTION ITEMS:

Mike Edwards: c. 2010-02-15-03: MikeE to check if the RDDL needs to be 
updated for Java TC CDs
e. 2010-03-08-02: Mike to update CAA Test Assertions in line with the spec

Mike Edwards: The above 2 items are DONE

Mike Edwards: Other items are outstanding

anish: topic: Updated CAA Test Assertions

anish: Mike provides an update

anish: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/201006/msg00008.html

anish: Assertions Removed

JCA90043               JCA-TA-10051
JCA90044               JCA-TA-10053
JCA90048               JCA-TA-10048
JCA90049               JCA-TA-10049
JCA90051               JCA-TA-10054
JCA90059               JCA-TA-10057

anish: New Assertions Added

JCA30010               JCA-TA-3009

JCA40024               JCA-TA-4024

JCA60001               JCA-TA-7001
JCA60002               JCA-TA-7002
JCA60003               JCA-TA-7003
JCA60004               JCA-TA-7005
JCA60005               JCA-TA-7006
JCA60006               JCA-TA-7007

JCA80004              JCA-TA-9005
JCA80005              JCA-TA-9006
JCA80006              JCA-TA-9007
JCA80007              JCA-TA-9008
JCA80008              JCA-TA-9009
JCA80009              JCA-TA-9010
JCA80010              JCA-TA-9011
JCA80011              JCA-TA-9012
JCA80012              JCA-TA-9013
JCA80013              JCA-TA-9014
JCA80014              JCA-TA-9015
JCA80015              JCA-TA-9016
JCA80016              JCA-TA-9017
JCA80017              JCA-TA-9018
JCA80018              JCA-TA-9019
JCA80019              JCA-TA-9020
JCA80020              JCA-TA-9021
JCA80021              JCA-TA-9022
JCA80022              JCA-TA-9023
JCA80023              JCA-TA-9024
JCA80024              JCA-TA-9025
JCA80025              JCA-TA-9026
JCA80026              JCA-TA-9027
JCA80027              JCA-TA-9028
JCA80028              JCA-TA-9029
JCA80029              JCA-TA-9030
JCA80030              JCA-TA-9032
JCA80031              JCA-TA-9033
JCA80032              JCA-TA-9034
JCA80033              JCA-TA-9035
JCA80034              JCA-TA-9036
JCA80035              JCA-TA-9039
JCA80036              JCA-TA-9041
JCA80037              JCA-TA-9044
JCA80038              JCA-TA-9047
JCA80039              JCA-TA-9048
JCA80040              JCA-TA-9049
JCA80041              JCA-TA-9050
JCA80042              JCA-TA-9051
JCA80043              JCA-TA-9052
JCA80044              JCA-TA-9053
JCA80045              JCA-TA-9054
JCA80046              JCA-TA-9055
JCA80047              JCA-TA-9056
JCA80048              JCA-TA-9057
JCA80049              JCA-TA-9058
JCA80050              JCA-TA-9059
JCA80051              JCA-TA-9060
JCA80052              JCA-TA-9061
JCA80053              JCA-TA-9062
JCA80054              JCA-TA-9063
JCA80055              JCA-TA-9064
JCA80056              JCA-TA-9065
JCA80057              JCA-TA-9066
JCA80058              JCA-TA-9067
JCA80059              JCA-TA-9068
JCA80060              JCA-TA-9069

JCA90053              JCA-TA-10059
JCA90054              JCA-TA-10060
JCA90055              JCA-TA-10061
JCA90056              JCA-TA-10062
JCA90057              JCA-TA-10063
JCA90058              JCA-TA-10064
JCA90061              JCA-TA-10065

JCA10010              JCA-TA-11010
JCA10012              JCA-TA-11011
JCA10013              JCA-TA-11012
JCA10014              JCA-TA-11013
JCA10015              JCA-TA-11014
JCA10016              JCA-TA-11015
JCA10017              JCA-TA-11016
JCA10018              JCA-TA-11017
JCA10019              JCA-TA-11018
JCA10020              JCA-TA-11019
JCA10021              JCA-TA-11020
JCA10022              JCA-TA-11021


anish: Mike walks through the changes in the doc

anish i'm not recording the detailed discussion. If you want me to do 
that let me know.

anish: Mike: getting close to CD. Ppl should look at the details and 
raise questions/issues on the ML

anish: Dave asks everyone to look at the doc and volunteer to write the 

anish: Meeting adjourned

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