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Subject: [sca-j] [NEW ISSUE] Issues/Question for Java CAA testcases JCA_11016

1/ The first issue just seems to be a cut and paste problem to do with the component names used in the composite. The following snippet demonstrates the issue:

        <reference name="reference1" target="TEST_JCA_11016Component1/Service1"/>
       <property name="testName">JCA_11016</property>

   <!-- Component which has a reference with a Java interface with 3 operations -->
   <component name="TEST_JCA_3016Component1">
       <implementation.java class="org.oasisopen.sca.test.Service1Calls3OperationsImpl"/>
       <service name="Service1">


Note that the reference refers to "TEST_JCA_11016Component1/Service1" while the component is called "TEST_JCA_3016Component1". The component "TEST_JCA_3016Component2" also appears to be incorrectly named.

2/ Toward the bottom of the composite the following definition appears:

        <reference name="reference1" target="TEST_JCA_3016Component2/Service3OperationsWSDL">
           <interface.java interface="org.oasisopen.sca.test.Service3Operations"/>

       <!-- Component which has a service with a Java interface with 3 operations but which has a
            @WebServiceProvider annotation which references a WSDL with a portType with only 2 operations... -->
       <component name="TEST_JCA_3016Component2">
       <implementation.java class="org.oasisopen.sca.test.Service3OperationsWebServiceProviderImpl"/>
       <service name="Service3OperationsWSDL"/>
       <property name="serviceName">service2</property>


The intention is to demonstrate that the WSDL that is referenced from within Service3OperationsWebServiceProviderImpl using the following annotation;

public class Service3OperationsWebServiceProviderImpl {

Is processed by the runtime. However the service name given in the composite for "TEST_JCA_3016Component2" is "Service3OperationsWSDL". This service is also directly referenced by the reference in "TEST_JCA_3016Component1". This service name seems incorrect.

There is already and OASIS JIRA open relating so this issue (see http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-203). If this JIRA resolution is accepted then the service name in this composite, and the reference target which refers to it, should be changed to be "Service3OperationsWebServiceProviderImpl". As is stands the service name in this test component appears to be the local part of the port type QName from the referenced WSDL which doesn't seem right.



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