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sca-j message

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Subject: raw chat of 2010-11-01 telcon

anish: Agenda --

anish: 1. Roll call

2. Scribe appointment
Scribe list attached below

3. Agenda bashing

4. Meeting Minutes
Minutes of 2010-10-25 telcon

5. TC Administrivia
a. Recording issue status - 8 open, 0 new
b. CAA TA & TC PR ended -- no feedback
c. Move to CSD, what does that mean wrt referencing other (older) CDs? 
What does it mean wrt sequential numbering of CDs/CSDs wrt transition 
from CD->CSD?


2009-07-17-01: Mike to create an example of the componentType 
introspection (JAVA-5

2010-04-12-01: Dave B to check availability of an appropriate runtime 
supporting the EJB Binding

2010-06-14-01: Mike/Anish to provide proposal for Issue JAVA-182 and 
prepare a CD

2010-08-16-01: Editors-Update inline schema to latest published Assembly 
Schema (need update of the name of the SCA core XSD file)

2010-10-18-01: Mike to generate the candidate CD docs for POJO TAs and 
TCs by 19th oct

2010-10-25-01: Dave to produced updated CD candidate for CAA spec 
(references, schema, etc)

2010-10-25-02: Dave to produce updated Java API jar and javadoc for 
candidate CD

2010-10-25-03: Dave to produce updated CD candidate for POJO spec 
(references, schema, etc)

2010-10-25-04: Mike E/Bryan A to produce proposal for JAVA-215

2010-10-25-05: Mike to Review POJO TA and TC and create anything needed 
based on JAVA-203 resolution

2010-10-25-06: Editors to move the POJO spec ref from normative to 
non-normative section in the CAA spec

7. CAA spec CSD vote
package at: 
Two ed fixed (not discussed at the last call): 
Do we need a PR?

8. POJO CI spec CSD vote
Note: Any motion should include update to the correct CAA CSD reference.
Do we need a PR?

9. POJO CI TA and TC CSDs and PRs

a. POJO CI TA CSD vote

b. POJO CI TC CSD vote

c. POJO CI TA PR vote

d. POJO CI TC PR vote

10. New Issues (requires 2/3)

11. Issues with proposals

12. Issues waiting for updated proposals (Spring/EJB/JEE)

a. JAVA-109: Property and reference names computed from SCA annotations 
in web modules not specified explicitly
Proposal in Jira
Waiting for updated proposal (Vamsi)

b. JAVA-182: SCA Spring C & I specs needs to refactor text under 
abstract and introduction
No proposal (Ram)

c. JAVA-174: Consider portlets in the SCA JEE specification

d. JAVA-91: Java EE Spec: Need to define the derivation of the name of a 
component contributed to the Domain by an application.composite file
Waiting for updated proposal (Mike)

e. JAVA-93: JEE Integration spec needs to define how effective CT is 
Waiting for updated proposal (Anish)

f. JAVA-108: RFC2119 Language is needed for the SCA-JEE Specification
Waiting for updated proposal

g. JAVA-88: Java EE Spec: The @archive attribute of the 
implementation.jee element needs fixing
No proposal
Plamen to check whether on his informal JEE issues list

13. AOB
a. straggler role

anish: Scribe list:
Plamen Pavlov: 3
Ashok Malhotra: 20
Anish Karmarkar: 18 (Last scribed: 2010-09-13)
Martin Chapman: 19 (Last scribed: 2010-09-20)
Dave Booz: 2 (Last scribed: 2010-10-11)
Mike Edwards: 21 (Last scribed: 2010-10-1
Bryan Aupperle: 27 (Last scribed: 2010-10-25)

anish: Attendance: 5 out of 6

MartinC: wild roast venison tonight for me - assuming i cook it correctly

anish: Scribe: Martin Champan

MartinC: Agenda: approved as posted

MartinC: Minutes:

MartinC: 2010-10-25 telcon

MartinC: Approved w/o

MartinC: TC Admin:

Dave Booz: CAA TA public comments: 

MartinC: Jacques Durand provided PR comments on the CAA test suite

MartinC: Moving from cd to CSD

MartinC: http://docs.oasis-open.org/specGuidelines/ndr/namingDirectives.html

MartinC: chairs/editors should work with TC Admin to transition to the 
new rules.

MartinC: AI:

MartinC: Unless marked as done in the agenda, all other AIs are open.

MartinC: References and dependencies between the specs can be brought up 
to date using Designated Cross Reference changes when a CS vote takes place.

MartinC: Action: Assembly TC needs to  update the schema to reflect 
latest SCA-J schemas.

MartinC: 2010-10-25-04 has been done

MartinC: 2010-10-25-06 has been done

MartinC: Topic: Approval of Committee spec drafts

MartinC: Discussion of ordering

MartinC: To get this right we need:

MartinC: 1. updates to assembly schemas

MartinC: 2. updates to j schemas

MartinC: 3 updates of dependent references to latest working drafts

MartinC: Topic: New Agenda item

MartinC: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-215

MartinC: Bryan reminds the group of the issue: add missing test cases

MartinC: Bryan has added the test cases

Bryan Aupperle: 

MartinC: Motion by Bryan, 2nd Mike E, Resolve issue 215 with proposal in 

MartinC: Passed w/o

MartinC: AOB:

MartinC: Quick review of Jacques PR comments, discuss on email

MartinC: Straggler role: Plamen

MartinC: meeting adjourned

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