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Subject: TODOs for creating the POJO TA/TCs PR docs

 From the last call, these are the TODOs that I have for moving to POJO 

1) Update of assembly schema (Action for Mike). I'm assuming that this 
does not require a new Assembly spec CSD. Please let me know if this is 
incorrect (the assembly spec referenced from the Java specs should be 
consistent with the assembly schema referenced from the Java specs).

2) Update of Java schemas to include the appropriate assembly xsd (both, 
in the spec docs and in SVN). We didn't assign an Action for anyone wrt 
this. Volunteers?

When we approve CSD/PR we'll have to designate appropriate reference 
updates for the TC admin. Dependencies:

1) TC->TA
4) CAA->POJO (non-normative ref, so if it is out-of-date I don't think 
it matters much but might as well point to the latest).
5) POJO->Assembly (if needed)
6) CAA->Assembly (if needed)

Note to whoever volunteers for (2), the PDFs (which are normative) 
should be clean version. If there is a separate PDF for the diff-ed 
version that is great, but we need to approve the clean version).

Please let me know if I got this wrong.



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