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Subject: Issue 227: additional comments

While going through issue 227, I had some additional thoughts.

[some of these apply to all TC documents in SCA and I do realize that 
these comments are coming in late]

1) Not sure if this is addressed in another issue, but the POJO TC 
document has bunch of things from the Assembly TC document that needs to 
be replaced.

2) Why do want to have the zip file containing the actual tests under 
'related work' section? Shouldn't this be a normative reference? Without 
that reference, none of the testcases (which reference various Java 
classes from the zip file) make sense.

3) WRT the comment in 227 about the empty conformance clause: why can't 
we say that to conform to the TC spec (*not* the POJO CI spec) one must 
adapt and successfully run the tests in the zip file? A related comment 
is that: successfully running the test cases is a necessary (but not 
sufficient) condition to conform to the main spec (POJO CI). Wouldn't it 
then make sense to alter the conformance clause in the POJO CI to 
require passing the tests as well? I understand that this is coming in 
late and will affect all the SCA specs. But the commenter, I believe is 
right about requiring a conformance clause for CS/spec per the process.

I'll now duck ;-)


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