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Subject: Minutes SCA-J Telecon July 11

[11:03] anish: Agenda --
[11:03] anish: 1. Roll call

2. Scribe appointment
Scribe list attached below

3. Agenda bashing

4. Meeting Minutes
a) Minutes of 2011-06-27 telcon:

5. TC Administrivia
a. Recording issue status - 8 open, 0 new
b. Status of Spring C&I spec: 30-days PR started. Ends 2011-07-29


2011-05-23-1: Anish to send a request to the SCA-Assembly TC wrt updating
the RDDL and the XSD for spring CI

7. Planning for PR of various specs
a) CAA spec: apply issue 233 (DONE - WD051?)
b) CAA TA: apply issue 235, apply issue 232 (merged with TC?)
c) CAA TC: apply issues 215? & 234 (DONE - cd01-rev3?)
d) POJO spec: DONE (WD031)
e) POJO TA: apply issue 236 (merged with TC?)
f) POJO TC: apply issue 222, ref udpate(?) (DONE - WD012?)
g) Spring: DONE
h) Spring TC: WD ready, need tests

8. New Issues (requires 2/3)

9. Issues with proposals
a) Issue 240
Normative statements JCA90024 through JCA90039 are all based on optional

b) Issue 242
Normative statement JCA80052 is redundant

10. Issues waiting for updated proposals

11. AOB
[11:04] anish: Date: 2011-07-11
[11:04] anish: Agenda:
[11:05] Dave Booz: scribe: Dave Booz
[11:05] Dave Booz: topic: agenda bashing
[11:06] Dave Booz: no changes to the agenda, so agenda is approved
[11:06] Dave Booz: quorum 5 of 6 present
[11:06] Dave Booz: topic: approval of minutes
[11:06] Dave Booz: mins approved without objection
[11:07] Dave Booz: topic: administrivia
[11:07] Dave Booz: Anish notes issue status and publication of Spring PR
[11:08] Dave Booz: topic: Planning for specs
[11:09] Dave Booz: a) CAA done with WD051
[11:09] Dave Booz: b) CAA TA done-merged with CAA TC now
[11:10] Dave Booz: c) CAA TC done with cd01-rev3
[11:10] Dave Booz: d) POJO latest is WD031
[11:11] Dave Booz: topic: Issue Discussion
[11:11] Dave Booz: http://osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-242
[11:12] Dave Booz: Mike describes Java-242 and the proposed resolution
[11:13] Dave Booz: change is section 9.9 line 1985
[11:14] anish brb
[11:15] anish: back
[11:15] anish: jca80054
[11:18] Dave Booz: What about the getDomainURI method, should we also
delete JCA80054?
[11:21] Dave Booz: Mike not sure if this is a problem or not
[11:23] Dave Booz: ACTION: Determine if JCA80054 can also be deleted?
[11:24] Dave Booz: topic: http://osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-240
[11:25] Dave Booz: Anish has an issue with the proposed resolution - likes
the normative statements that are there
[11:26] Dave Booz: Anish: we dont have a std way to test this function
[11:26] Dave Booz: Anish: would like to keep it as is and just mark it
[11:28] Dave Booz: Cannot write a portable test to test this feature, but
the behavior is observable
[11:29] Dave Booz: Mike: how many runtime do we have to have that implement
these features in order to exit?
[11:29] Dave Booz: Anish: yes - you would need 2
[11:29] Dave Booz: Mike: we dont have 2 so would like to remove these stmts
[11:30] Dave Booz: Mike: argument is that i need 2 positive impls of this
optional stuff, not just 2 impl of the required parts of the spec
[11:31] Dave Booz: Mike: ...given how exit criteria is currently written
[11:32] Dave Booz: The call needs to end now, several participants have
[11:32] Dave Booz: topic: straggler role
[11:32] Dave Booz: +Plamen
[11:32] Dave Booz: COB, meeting adjourned

Dave Booz
STSM, BPM and SCA Architecture
Co-Chair OASIS SCA-Policy TC and SCA-J TC
"Distributed objects first, then world hunger"
Poughkeepsie, NY (845)-435-6093  or  8-295-6093

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