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Subject: Re: Proposal from TCAdmin to expedite our upload/PR requests


I have updated TCAdmin issues 650, 651, 652, 653, 675, 676, 677, and 678 to reflect the TC wishes.

I have also updated issues 652 and 677 with a new zip file that includes a bug fix that I had mentioned on the phone to you. Please use that new zip file for the upload/PR request.

Thanks again for your help.


PS: I have been "Watching" the SCA-J issues in JIRA, but I never got notified of changes to the issues. Is this feature on OASIS JIRA working? I'm assuming that notifications are sent via emails.

On 10/26/2011 4:31 PM, Chet Ensign wrote:
Hi Anish,

Ok, no problem. I will withdraw the PR for SCA-J CAA and we will
proceed with handling all of them through docs.oasis-open.org.

I'll have to do that tomorrow but not a problem to do it.



On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 7:23 PM, Anish Karmarkar
<Anish.Karmarkar@oracle.com>  wrote:

The SCA-J TC discussed your plan to publish the PR docs on KAVI instead of
docs.oasis-open.org and *rejected* that plan. They would prefer to wait
whatever time it takes to have the PR docs be hosted on docs.oasis-open.org
and have all the QA by the TCAdmin be done before it is published and PR is
initiated. See [1].

I see that I'm a late in informing you of this TC decision wrt the SCA-J CAA
spec [2]. There are still three more specs upload/PR requests from the SCA-J
TC in the TCAdmin queue, please do not publish them on KAVI.

Note that the SCA-J TC specs have cross-references to each other. So the
plan to upload to KAVI for PR does not work for us (+ a few more reasons why
the TC prefers not to do this) without modifying the existing documents. The
cross-references are non-normative so this is potentially a fixable problem,
but not without modification of the docs.

Is there a way to recall the CAA spec PR and wait for the docs to be hosted
on docs.oasis-open.org?

Thanks and regards.


[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/201110/msg00019.html#d1e113
[2] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/201110/msg00022.html

On 10/23/2011 8:55 PM, Anish Karmarkar wrote:


The TCAdmin has made a proposal (below) to expedite our upload/PR
requests. Let's discuss this on tomorrow's call:

The biggest reason for the delay in processing the requests per the
TCAdmin is due to the fact that the docs are hosted on
docs.oasis-open.org. The TCAdmin (Chet) has proposed that we can instead
host it in KAVI (OASIS repo) in a special folder and send that link out
(www.oasis-open.org/...) for PR. TCAdmin will still do the QA on the
docs and docs for CS and OS will still be on docs.oasis-open.org.

I think this will work fine, but there are a few issues:
1) Since KAVI assigns the URL when the doc is uploaded, there is no way
to reliably predict what the URL of the spec is going to be apriori.
This means we can't have 'This Version' and 'Latest Version' links in
the doc. This also means that previously published docs' latest version
links won't fetch the latest PR version.

2) If there is a cross-reference then this will be a problem for the
same reason as above. In our spec, we do have cross-references but they
are non-normative.
CAA does not have any normative ref on any other Java spec, but has a
non-normative ref to CAA test cases.
POJO refers to CAA spec normatively and has a non-normative ref to POJO
test cases
CAA TCs have a normative ref to CAA.
POJO TCs have a normative ref to POJO.

To solve the problem in (1) above, I would like to suggest that we ask
the TC admin to include two links in the cover page: one to
docs.oasis-open.org where the final standard will live and another to
the special folder to get the latest non-final PR version.

To solve the problem in (2) above, I would like to suggest that for the
non-normative references in the CAA and POJO spec we refer to an earlier
version of the testcases and not the latest.

Please let me know what you think. With the suggestions above we can get
the PR done faster. OTOH, if we believe that this round is truly the
last round and we are willing to wait, then we can do what we have done
before and use the TCAdmin proposal for the next version (if there is

Let's discuss this tomorrow.


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