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sca-j message

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Subject: Today's caht log

Raw minutes:

Bryan Aupperle.
Software Client Architect - Mid-Atlantic
Senior Technical Staff Member

Raleigh, NC
Mobile: 919-656-0018

[11:01] Dave Booz: ping
[11:02] Dave Booz: agenda: 1. Roll call

2. Scribe appointment
Scribe list attached below

3. Agenda bashing

4. Meeting Minutes
a. Minutes of 2011-10-24 telcon:

5. TC Administrivia
a. Recording issue status - 6 open, 1 new
b. Migration to OASIS JIRA
c. Future calls

2011-10-24-1: MikeE to pursue Fabric3 and Jim Marino to find out if that can be a source of a 2nd implementation
2011-10-24-2: MikeE to Follow up with Ant on status of test cases

7. New Issues (requires 2/3)
a. http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/SCAJ-7
JCA70002 is too restrictive for implementation intents

8. Potential new issue

9. Meeting the exit criteria
Need 2nd implementation

10. SCA Spring C&I testcase document

11. AOB

Scribe list:
Plamen Pavlov : 3
Ashok Malhotra : 23 (Last scribed: 2011-04-04)
Martin Chapman : 24 (Last scribed: 2011-06-20)
Mike Edwards : 33 (Last scribed: 2011-08-0
Anish Karmarkar : 25 (Last scribed: 2011-09-26)
Bryan Aupperle : 35 (Last scribed: 2011-10-10)
Dave Booz : 6 (Last scribed: 2011-10-24)
[11:10] anish: scribe: Bryan Aupperle
[11:10] Bryan Aupperle: Scribe: Bryan
[11:10] anish: 3 out of 5
[11:10] Bryan Aupperle: Meeting is quorate (3 of 5)
[11:10] Bryan Aupperle: Topic Agenda Bashing
[11:12] Bryan Aupperle: No changes - Agenda agreed
[11:13] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Approval of Minutes
[11:13] Bryan Aupperle: No comments
[11:13] Bryan Aupperle: Resolution: Minutes approved w/o
[11:14] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: JIRA migration
[11:14] Bryan Aupperle: Existing Open issues have been migrated
[11:16] Bryan Aupperle: There are a number of applied and resolved defects.  These need to be updated to closed in OSOA JIRA unless not really resolved/applied.
[11:17] Bryan Aupperle: 26 Applied.  10 Resolved - these are the bigger concern.  Anish will verify these have been applied.
[11:19] Bryan Aupperle: AI (Anish) Review resolved issues and make sure these are applied.  Close all applied issues.  Rexport.
[11:22] Bryan Aupperle: Anish: Since everyone has a JIRA account, we no longer need to send e-mail to raise and issue, just open the issue.  And all discussion can take place in JIRA.
[11:24] Bryan Aupperle: No disagreement - The above will be the new proceedure.
[11:26] Bryan Aupperle: Resolution: New JIRA-centric procedure for issue opening/discussion approved w/o
[11:26] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Action Items
[11:26] Bryan Aupperle: No change in status
[11:26] Dave Booz: http://docs.oasis-open.org/opencsa/sca-j/sca-javacaa-1.1-spec.pdf
[11:27] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Issue: SCAJ-7
[11:27] Bryan Aupperle: http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/SCAJ-7
JCA70002 is too restrictive for implementation intents
[11:33] Bryan Aupperle: Mike E. Joins and meeting is super quorate (4 or 5)
[11:41] Bryan Aupperle: Motion: Dave, second Mike - Open issue SCAJ-7
[11:41] Bryan Aupperle: Resolution: Motion passes w/o.
[11:42] Bryan Aupperle: AI (Mike): Prepare proposal for SCAJ-7 - due date uncertain.
[11:43] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Action Items
[11:44] Bryan Aupperle: 2011-10-24-1 - Done
[11:45] Bryan Aupperle: 2011-10-24-2 - Done (Tests are complete and in SVN but test case documentation needs to be completed)
[11:45] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Potential new issue
[11:49] Bryan Aupperle: Mike describes the concern
[11:50] Bryan Aupperle: SVN artifacts have been updated.
[11:50] Bryan Aupperle: But zip file would need to be updated.
[11:51] Bryan Aupperle: AI (Mike): Raise issue for the incorrect test cases.
[11:53] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Call schedule
[11:55] Bryan Aupperle: Schedule for next 4 weeks in this time slot.  Will be cancelled if no agenda.
[11:56] Bryan Aupperle: Meeting adjourned

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