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Subject: Re: Is SCA dead?


From Fabric3's perspective, SCA is incorporated as a foundational part of the runtime. We have also been investing heavily in emerging technology standards such as Reactive Streams (http://www.reactive-streams.org/), which fit very nicely with SCA. I believe SwitchYard has taken a similar approach.

Regarding the email thread you highlight, I think the only way to respond is to layout the facts as they are. Over a year ago, the SCA specifications were completed and met all of the requirements set forth in the SCA OASIS TC charter. There was a vote to approve the specifications and the only negative votes cast were from Oracle, which were provided without explanation. Unfortunately, the Oracle 'No' votes amounted to just over 25%, which meant the motion failed, leaving things in a holding pattern. 

I'm not sure "all is lost" despite the standards politics outlined above. Fabric3 and Switchyard have active communities and are advancing the concepts pioneered by SCA into new areas including reactive architectures and containerized infrastructures. I encourage you to take a look at those projects if you haven't yet had a chance.   


On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 8:45 PM, zoere lodel <zoere.lodel@yandex.com> wrote:

Is SCA dead?

Im sorry for bother everyone.
I have with SOA for a long time and aways believed it is a amazing way of making things.
I remember that Netbeans had a very good SOA Platform for OpenEsb and latelly Apache Tuscany and Fabric3 with Eclipse plugins are the new ways of doing it.

I cant see many people talking about serviceMix, karaf, switchyard, camel and smooks.

I put a lot of time on Service Component Architecture (SCA) and see all lost with the following message of jim.marino@gmail.com:


where he ask about the SCA TC closing:

"Closing the TCs down would derail the investment various runtimes have made in this effort. In addition, closing the specifications would hurt the industry in general as no standards exist that cover the same space as SCA."

I found interest is smaller on this link:


Since i see that email Im awaiting for results but can wait anymore.

Is SCA dead?
Cant see nothing to put on SCA place.


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