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Subject: Re: [sca-policy] Issue 26 - final proposal

Good comments.

1) I always read that section knowing that there's MUX in play.  This is
why we review other people's work. I tried to address it in this new
2) This is a typo, maxoccurs should not be there.

1) same as a1.
2) same as a2.

(See attached file: Issue26_proposal_v4.doc)

Dave Booz
STSM, BPM and SCA Architecture
Co-Chair OASIS SCA-Policy TC
"Distributed objects first, then world hunger"
Poughkeepsie, NY (845)-435-6093  or  8-295-6093

             Mike Edwards                                                  
             ibm.com>                                                   To 
                                       "OASIS Policy"                      
             07/07/2008 06:53          <sca-policy@lists.oasis-open.org>   
             AM                                                         cc 
                                       Re: [sca-policy] Issue 26 - final   


I am still a bit confused by the proposal and I hope that this email will
pinpoint the problem and lead to a
quick resolution.

The problem I have concerns the complex type definitions for
SecurityIdentity and for Authorization.

I am assuming that:

a) SecurityIdentity

EITHER be a single useCallerIdentity element
OR a single runAs element

- this is implied by the <choice> element at line 204

What is confusing is:

1) the text following 31 does not say this - I think that it should, to
make things clear

2) the useCallerIdentity declaration at line 206 uses "maxOccurs=1" while
the runAs declaration
at line 207 does not.  Typically a <choice> implies the use of 1 (and 1
only) of the elements inside
the choice.  So I deem the "maxOccurs=1" as redundant - it should be
removed.  Its presence on
one element within the choice and not on another implies some difference in
treatment of those
elements which does not in fact apply.
Or have I got this wrong and you want to allow or multiple runAs elements??

b) Authorization

I assume that the required behaviour is that the Authorization element
contains 1 and 1 only of
the following child elements:


1) It would be useful if the text around line 50 said this - for clarity.

2) The schema in lines 220-223 uses "maxOccurs=1" for the child elements
inside a <choice> element.
The use of choice implies the use of 1 and 1 only of one of the child
elements - so the "maxOccurs=1"
are redundant - and confusing since they make the reader ask "why are they
Or have I misunderstood the reason for them being there?

Yours,  Mike.

Strategist - Emerging Technologies, SCA & SDO.
Co Chair OASIS SCA Assembly TC.
IBM Hursley Park, Mail Point 146, Winchester, SO21 2JN, Great Britain.
Phone & FAX: +44-1962-818014    Mobile: +44-7802-467431
Email:  mike_edwards@uk.ibm.com

 David Booz <booz@us.ibm.com>                                              
 03/07/2008 18:08                                                       To 
                                                       [sca-policy] Issue  
                                                       26 - final proposal 

I updated the proposal based on editorial and typo changes from Mike E and
Rich L.

(See attached file: Issue26_proposal_v3.doc)

Dave Booz
STSM, BPM and SCA Architecture
Co-Chair OASIS SCA-Policy TC
"Distributed objects first, then world hunger"
Poughkeepsie, NY (845)-435-6093  or  8-295-6093
e-mail:booz@us.ibm.com[attachment "Issue26_proposal_v3.doc" deleted by Mike
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