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Subject: URGENT: Fw: [sdd] Groups - GGF Submission (ggf-sdd-submission.doc) uploaded

I need to get a reading on what is permitted with respect to contributions to an OASIS committee. As a reminder, the SDD TC operates under RF on Limited Terms. The TC recently completed its formal requirements phase and has made a general call for submissions. The attached note describes a submission that has been offered by Keisuke Fukui who is a member of the SDD TC.

My specific question relates to how we deal with specifications owned by another SDO, specifically GGF, in this case?
The scope of each of the cited GGF WGs is broader than SDD so their specifications cover applications that are outside the scope of SDD and their specifications are not granular enough to reference selected specifications and still remain within SDD scope. Net: We would have to decompose the GGF specifications into the relevant portions that could be incorporated (or somehow referenced as a subset) in order to use this information. Since the material within the GGF specifications were not necessarily contributed by SDD TC members I don't understand how 'ownership' of the contribution works in this case.

As background, the cited GGF workgroups were mentioned in the forming charter of the SDD as 'consumers' of the SDD and, prior to formation of the SDD, we informally agreed to set up liaison between the WGs by having members who participate in both SDD TC and the respective GF WGs. The intent was that SDD would create a single industry accepted deployment descriptor that could be used everywhere in the industry including being referenced by the GGF specifications - this submission is a reversal of the earlier agreements.

We are having a face to face meeting next week to review submissions and I'd like to understand what we can and can not accept prior to the meeting.


Thomas W. Studwell
Senior Technical Staff Member, Autonomic Computing Architecture
IBM Software Group
B140/Bldg 500
4205 S Miami Blvd, Durham, NC 27703
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"There is a word for complaining about a problem without proposing a solution - it's called whining." Ric Telford 2006
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[sdd] Groups - GGF Submission (ggf-sdd-submission.doc) uploaded

The document named GGF Submission (ggf-sdd-submission.doc) has been
submitted by Mr Keisuke Fukui to the OASIS Solution Deployment Descriptor
(SDD) TC document repository.

Document Description:
Presented is a submission for consideration for the SDD V1.0 specification.
This is being submitted jointly by Hiro Kishimoto (GGF OGSA-WG), Keisuke
Fukui (GGF ACS-WG), Andreas Savva (GGF JSDL-WG), Dejan Milojicic (GGF
CDDLM-WG). The document outlines the GGF specifications that may have
relevancy with SDD descriptor schema specification. The respective schema
can be publicly viewable at GGF site, as described in References section.
The requirement coverage will be presented at the F2F meeting as requested
in call for submission announcement.

So far only the ACS has been active in collaborating with SDD TC.
However, in fact, the SDD covers wide range and overlaps with many other
GGF standards, such as CDDLM, JSDL, and so on. They are built through years
of efforts of each WG. All of them survived through the fair and public
process guided by GGF. Many experts from both industry and academia
contributed. So I think this may be the time we can take some time to think
about this. Let us hear the voices of experts in SDD TC, please.

Thank you and see you at the F2F meeting!

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