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Subject: Re: [sdd] Groups - SDD TC Meeting Minutes, June 1 (SDD TC meeting-notesfrom call on 1 June 2005.doc) uploaded

this was the event that was mentioned but, I agree with you, I don't think it provides an opportunity for an SDD F2F. I suggest we focus on getting the use cases collected and then, perhaps, use a F2F to cull the use cases and formalize requirements. We'll have a better idea on timing as we get further along in the process.

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Re: [sdd] Groups - SDD TC Meeting Minutes, June 1 (SDD TC meeting-notes from call on 1 June 2005.doc) uploaded

Is this the event that we are considering using as a F2F meeting
for SDD?  Personally, I'd prefer the Boston event instead, since
I have a much higher chance of getting that approved ;-)  But
I'll take what I can get.

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