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Subject: SDD Meeting Option - Boston circa October 3rd-6th, 2005

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Its has been reported that a number of members of the SDD TC might be in
the Boston area for the Global Grid Forum (GGF) from October 3rd to
October 6th of this year.

If we can confirm the number of members that actually are planning to go
to the GGF (please respond to this reflector if you are one), I'd like
to propose that we seize the convenient opportunity to have a
face-to-face at that time.

OMS SafeHarbor is happy to host this meeting in Boston (as are other
members with suitable space in the area).

If you are planing to attend the GGF in October please respond to this
email so we can start to get a head-count.


Jay Nash

- --
- --
Jay Nash, CTO
OMS SafeHarbor
128 Warren St
Lowell MA 01852
978.937.2363 ext.111
978.937.3784 fax

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